Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amir vs Baroni?

Jeremy Botter at Inside Fights reported yesterday that Phil Baroni will make his return to the UFC against Amir Sadollah. Phil hasn't been in the cage since his loss in 2005 to Pete Sell, but has done fairly well outside of the org. He cut down to 170 and can still hit like a mac truck. Is this a good fight for him?

The strange thing about this fight is that it is almost an upgrade for Amir. A win over Baroni can actually do him more good in the rankings than Hendricks (who he lost to). Even though it could be said that Baroni is a gatekeeper at best, he's a recognizable name who gives the casual fans what they want, a stand up war. The worry here for Amir is that he's chin has been tested and it wasn't pretty. If Phil catches him with one of those hamburgers he has at the end of his arms, it's all over for Amir.

Striker vs Grappler, your typical MMA matchup, but with 2 exciting fighters.


  1. This fight makes no sense. Amir needs a win to let people know he is for real and deserved winning TUF. His chin is suspect and he is going to take on Baroni, who has the punching power to make Amir go to sleep. Baroni is always going to put on a show whether winning or losing. He needs a quick clean win to stay relevant in the UFC. Beating Amir would not say much because Amir has not won in the UFC except TUF. If Amir, with his better ground game would submit Baroni, it would help booster his name in the UFC and hopefully close the door on the NYBA. One could only hope. Fans will not be excited with this fight, but then again, this could be the sleeper fight that takes the award for Fight of the Night.

  2. Great comment! You bring up some good points. We will see if Joe Silva made the right call on this one.