Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DREAM.12, Debut of the cage

DREAM's "white cage"

DREAM is one of the many organizations that normally holds their fights in a four-sided, square ring; however, for DREAM.12 the organization is debuting the "white cage" and say they will put on a show better than the UFC has ever done. Continuing to follow the UFC's model, DREAM.12 will also feature three-five minute rounds; a first for the organization.

Note: This may be easier to watch if you understand Japanese

DREAM also added Eddie Alvarez vs Kisunori Kikuno as well as Sik Park vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka to the event's line up. According to information released Tuesday at a press conference, the three-five minute rounds and "white cage" will only be used once a year.

DREAM.12 will be October 25 at the Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka, Japan. It will be aired in the U.S. on HDNet.


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