Thursday, September 10, 2009

The MMA week so far...

Let's take a look at some of the stories from this week already... is reporting that Bob Sapp is making his way back into the Super Hulk Tournament. Honestly, this was a freak show tournament from the beginning and I'm glad that Mousasi is not in it any longer. He is the only real fighter in the tournament and risking a loss in a freak show event was never something I was high on. Thank goodness for him pulling out. Is he really injured or did he realize that being in the tournament was a mistake in the first place?

MMA Frenzy says that Kenny Florian will make his return against a very tough Clay Guida on UFC 107. 107 was supposed to have the much anticipated Rampage vs Rashad fight but as we all know, the A-Team will take priority in Rampage's life for time being. Ken Flo doesn't get a easy fight here, Clay is battle tested and on his way up. His UFC record may not look impressive, but look at who he's fought and you'll understand why. Look for Clay to rough up Ken Flo but for Kenny to come out on top.

Also from Frenzy is an article about how Dan Henderson is a free agent. How the hell did that happen? What's even crazier is that most people didn't even know he was on his last fight against Bisping. It's funny because for most fighters we know exactly when their last fight is, but Hendo slipped under the radar. We are working on getting Dan on the show very soon to get his comments on the situation. Obviously he'll be back with the UFC.

And lastly Dana is once again calling Mayweather names but doing it in a funny way. White recently released a video talking about Mayweather's upcoming fight (or non-fight if you listen to what Dana says) and injects a little comedy in the mix. I really believe that Dana believes what he says, and if nothing else he's entertaining. At one time I thought that Dana was nuts, but the more you listen to what he says, the more the things he says come true. He's the MMA version of Nostradamus. Scary stuff if you ask me.

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