Sunday, September 13, 2009

Randy vs Vera for UFC 105

Former UFC Light-Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture has apparently agreed to fight Brandon Vera on the UFC 105 card.  The UFC has had quite a time getting a main event for 105 ever since it was announced.  This is the card that will be shown on Spike TV so the opportunity to grow new fans is huge.  Every time the UFC is on Spike, they need the impact to bring in new fans and having a Randy fight is a pretty good option.  

The matchup itself is also an interesting one.  Can Vera step up his game to the next level?  Can Couture put Brandon in areas where he doesn't want to be?  The turn around for this fight means both fighters are in good shape and should be at their best.  Randy doesn't have much time left so he needs to get these fights as fast as possible.  Title implications apparently are on the line for Randy if he wins convincingly.  Most fighters didn't want to fight in England so apparently this was the carrot to get Randy to fight.

We'll talk more about this fight and it's implications on an upcoming show.

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