Friday, September 4, 2009

Swick out, Daley in. Now what?

Mike Swick is out of UFC 103 against Martin Kampman according to various sources.  This was to be a number 1 contender fight for GSP's title.  While it seemed almost ridiculous that title implications could actually hinge on this fight, it was to be an exciting standup war.  That may not have changed too much as Paul Daley is an exciting stand up fighter, but do the title implications still remain?

Something similar happened to a 170 lb. fighter several years ago by the name of Karo.  Yeah, you know, that guy.  He was forced out of a title match with Matt Hughes way back at UFC 56 and has never seen another contract with the words "Title match" on them.  Swick will need to get himself back in shape and get a good solid win to not be completely forgotten in the welterweight division.  

As for the new match up, what does this do to the title picture?  If Martin wins, it could be assumed he gets the title shot, but if Daley wins, why should he be considered?  Most UFC fans won't know who he is and unless he puts a Anderson Silva like performance, a title match would be premature.

Joe Silva, would you care to comment?

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