Monday, September 28, 2009

Swick vs Hardy for #1 contender

In a strange turn of events, Mike Swick will retain his opportunity to fight for the title if he is able to beat the very tough Dan Hardy according to MMAJunkie.  This comes as a shock as no where was Hardy's name ever mentioned in the title hunt.  Swick was to face Kampmann for a title show back at UFC 103 but sustained an injury that kept him out of the fight.   While both are undefeated in the welterweight division, it is hard to say that either of them is a true number 1 contender.  However, with GSP cleaning out the division there are very few challengers left for the title.  If Dan Hardy wins, the UFC could find itself in a very strange position of promoting a fight between GSP and Hardy which would be a hard sell to even the most hardcore of fan.  We will keep you informed of any other developments.


Swick confirmed this fight on his Twitter account.

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