Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

The Ultimate Fighter offers behind-the-scenes footage you can view on SpikeTV's website. After last nights show this little jewel popped up. From the looks of things Darrill "Titties" Schoonover was telling -a slightly embelished- story to Coach Rashad and Coach Van Arsdale about catching a bird in the backyard of the house. James McSweeney, who had just gotten done fighting against Wes Shivers , didn't agree with how Schoonover

was telling the story. McSweeney proceeds to get into Schoonover's face about how exactly he caught the bird and what was done with it. Coach Rashad jumps in just as Team Rampage's assistant coach Hector Ramirez walks in the room and determines that Team Rashad may not be the basket full of flowers and fruit facade Rashad makes it out to be.
Follow the link below to view the video
Trouble in Paradise

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