Saturday, September 19, 2009

UFC 103 top fight predictions

I have to run, so I can only do the top 4 fights for UFC 103.

Kos VS Trigg

Here is a fight of 2 similar fighters at two very dissimilar times of their careers.  While Koscheck has been on the rise, Trigg has found himself somewhat floundering around outside of the UFC.  While he has picked up a few impressive wins, he's also found himself on the losing end of some really tough battles (Robbie Lawler anyone?).  Koscheck, however, has also found himself losing fights that he has no buisness losing.  In a situation such as this, you have to take the overall best fighter and hope he doesn't lose his way.  This case, that is Koscheck.

Daley vs Kampmann

Here we had a battle for the #1 contender at welterweight only a couple of weeks ago.  Now we have an exciting fight with confusing ramifications.  If Kampmann wins, does he get a title shot?  If Daley wins, does he?  My believe is neither will get a shot no matter how they win.  Both are good fighters, but Kampmann has had more recent success against tougher opponents.  I do believe Daley could get the win if he's focused enough, but Kampmann has too many weapons and should realize that even though this isn't for the #1 contender spot, it's still very important.  Kampmann by Submission.

Cro Cop vs Dos Santos

Since entering the UFC, Cro Cop has never really found his groove.  At a 2-2, it's hard to call him a contender for anything other than staying in the UFC.  Of course with Cro Cop's stature, it's doubtful he'll ever get a gimme match.

Dos Santos comes riding high off of some great KO's in the UFC (most notably Werdum) and has nothing to lose in this fight.  If he did lose, most people would chalk it up to a revitalized Cro Cop.  If he wins, then he's an instant contender.  I would expect this could relax him a bit because in some ways, he shouldn't win.  This is when he does best. Dos Santos by TKO.

Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

This one really complexes me.  Mostly because a lot of people are not giving Rich a chance in this fight.  I believe a lot of people are really forgetting how good Rich is.  But this is no different than any other time Rich has faced a tough opponent.  I personally have watched Rich spar with Robbie Lawler and it was a war.  I believe he is ready.

Vitor is supposed to be fighting at 185, but can't even make 195 on the first weigh in?  What is that about?  This may be a sign of his mental state, or maybe it's just a coincidence.  But if you are going to have trouble making weight 10 lbs above what you are going to regularly fight at, I have worries about your mental state/preparation.

Franklin by decision.

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