Thursday, September 17, 2009

Was the Ultimate Fighter too bloody?

Last night showcased the hilarity of Rampage, and the brutality of the sport. Is this good or bad for getting new viewers?

The Ultimate Fighter was created not so much to find the next great UFC fighter, but to encourage the main stream to get into the sport. So far it has done just that. Despite the many millions of people who have watched the show over the years, MMA is not yet main stream. This season is perhaps the most anticipated season in many years and new eyes will be on Spike. The reason for this, Kimbo Slice.

While you may or may not like Kimbo, the reality is that the ratings for this season are expected to go up because of Kimbo's involvement. So with all eyes on the first episode, many (those who aren't used to reality shows) probably tuned in to see how Kimbo does. We were given a spectacular Ultimate Fight Night to help bring fans in, but most would have probably only seen the last fight or so. What they really want is TUF.

So we get a ton of great one liners from Rampage which also probably helps keep the interest of new viewers. Personality is heavy in this season so it should be easy to find your favorite fighter. Then the fight came. It wasn't a great fight, but it was notable. There has not been a fight so bloody on the Ultimate Fighter ever. This is where viewers may have stopped watching.

Fans of the sport who are used to blood were even surprised by what we saw. It is very likely that people who might have given the show a chance were turned off by what they saw in the last 10 mins of the show. After such a spectacular start to the evening with UFN, some of what was gained may be lost by the amount of carnage that was shown in what would have otherwise been a boring fight. So this fight not only lived up to the serotype of 2 guys rolling around on the ground, but one of them who looks like they were just in a drive by.

Is this something that will hinder the growth of the sport at such a critical time? With so much momentum built up in the hype of Kimbo, will this bloody fight make it all for naught?

Only time will tell.


  1. I guess everyone is different: for me, blood is no big deal but I cant watch joints and bones being bent in the wrong direction went things break (ie Corey Hill). So at least to me, the blood was not what put me was the incredibly boring wrestling match that was put on by a wrestler and a guy who knew nothing about wrestling. I've seen more entertaining high school freshman wrestling matches and 8 year old judo practices.

  2. As far a new MMA fan goes, I think that this is no different than any other sport. Does a new football fan cringe at the sight of a dislocated knee? What about hockey and the fiscious high speed collisions that cause red stained ice. Do these things cause new fans to not want to watch the sport. Who knows. The UFC does a great job of bringing respect and legitimacy to the sport. If a new fan comes in with an attitude that they would in any other sport I think this type of event will create new fans. This event truly proves the difference between MMA and all other sports. The drama, atmosphere and excitement that MMA brings is something that all fans have come to respect and love. Great Show! Love what you guys do.

  3. bah i dont get to see TUF10 till sat night :*( when it airs in the UK just before UFC103

  4. Matt - once the fight starts, just tune it point in watching it. Seriously.

  5. the fights boring the blood was wat kept me entertained in that horrible fight and also fuking rampage cracks me up

    kimbo is looking arite don't see him winning the whole thing though...

  6. i agree with gunslingazz the blood was the only thing that kept me from changing the channel... i think the guy got what he deserved cuz all he did was fucking sit there it was annoying... hopefully the rest of the fights on TUF season 10 is more interesting than the one last night