Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A week of awesome fights!

For the first time in quite a while, we have a full week of MMA! Not only do we get Ultimate Fight Night and Ultimate Fighter tonight, but we also get Adrenaline MMA and UFC 103 this weekend.

Starting with tonight lots of questions will be answered. Has Melvin learned how to survive on the ground with a true ground technician? Will Roger Huerta get the last laugh and leave the UFC with a win? Will Carlos Condit get back on the winning track or will he find himself on a losing streak?

We can't forget (as if anyone would let us) that the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 is on tonight as well. There has not been this much hype and interest about a TUF in several years. People who stopped watching TUF are going to tune in tonight to see how Kimbo, and possibly more importantly, Roy Nelson fair on TV's craziest reality show. Regardless of how he does, I'm pretty sure we will see Kimbo in the UFC at the end of all of this. There are plenty of rumors regarding how Kimbo does, but apparently most of them are wrong.

This weekend also marks the return to the ring of Tim Sylvia. Tim really needs a big win here because he is basically fighting someone who has nothing to lose with no real name to the general MMA fanbase. If Tim loses this one, he will have a practically impossible hill to climb to get back to relevance. Also making their return are Houston Alexander and Forrest Petz. Both fighters have had ups and downs in the UFC and really need a win to even consider being in the ranks of the world's most competitive organization.

Lastly we have UFC 103 which pits Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort. Many are choosing Vitor in this one, but my money is on Rich. He's only been beaten by truly excellent fighters and Vitor is much too up and down for my taste. Don't forget Cro Cop making his return to the Octagon as he fights Dos Santos. Look for Cro Cop to get tested and find out that he just can't hang in the UFC's upper echelon of heavyweights.

An incredible week of fights, get the popcorn and get ready, it's time to rumble!

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  1. I think Sylvia is terrible. I think Wes Simms is better. He's got not chance of getting back to the UFC.

    On the other hand, Houston Alexander is well liked and he is 1 or 2 good showings from getting back in there.