Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yves strikes again! Back on the winning track.

Several months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Yves Edwards for a different talk show that I do.  I really enjoyed the interview mainly because of how down to earth Yves was.  He was funny, charismatic and honest.  While I have interviewed many fighters since that time, I've never forgotten about Yves and how great he was to me in that interview.

In MMA you come across a lot of great guys that will take time out of their day to talk to you, but none may be as level headed as Yves.  Sometimes I find myself trying to pump up Yves because he doesn't think that he  is all that interesting.  The truth is Yves is not only interesting, but a spectacular athlete as well.  His last 2 outings were not really indicative of how good of a fighter Yves is.

Last night at Shine fights, Yves found his groove again.  Known as a striker, Yves put thugjitsu into action against his very game opponent James Warfield.  Yves took Warfield down after some crisp striking, but was put in the danger zone when he was reversed and Warfield went for a rear naked choke.  Yves being very experienced never panicked and rode out the first round.

Second round opened up with Warfield testing Edward's chin.  After a superman punch and some hooks, Yves took the fight to the ground and won with a very impressive triangle choke.  Submissions are part of what make Yves such a complete fighter and a threat at 155.

This victory could give Yves the needed momentum to make another run in Strikeforce, WEC or even the UFC.  If he can grab one more win outside of those organizations then the big boys should come calling. Regardless, Yves remains one of my favorite fighters and someone I can call my homie.  

You can follow Yves on twitter (as long as he starts tweeting again)

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