Friday, October 16, 2009

Pat Barry is ready for UFC 104

Pat dropped by the show last Sunday and spoke with me about his thoughts on K-1, UFC 104 and his opponent.

Pat Barry may have found himself in the UFC by happenstance. After winning some fights in Combat USA, he found himself talking to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and didn't even know it. After attending a UFC event, Duke Roufus approached Joe Silva to tell him about Pat and how he was an exciting fighter. Joe agreed after having met the fighter the night before and joked around with him. Amazingly, Pat didn't know who Joe Silva was and simply thought he was one of the gang.

Joe Silva is kind of important you know. "Yeah, I found out later" he says while laughing.

His last time out was against Tim Hague at UFC 98 where he found himself on the losing end of a Guillotine Choke. When asked what happened, Pat says "I was like a shark, I smelled blood in the water and I went for it... I strayed away from the game plan, the game plan was to (hurt him) and if he's wobbled to leave him alone." Unfortunately for Pat, he rushed in and was taken to the ground where he was submitted.

Pat looks to get back on track as he is set to face Antoni Hardonk on the Spike TV televised portion of the card. Antoni is a striker and is no stranger to Pat as the 2 have trained together before.

"Antoni and I were teamates for 4 or 5 years straight in Amsterdam. I've trained with him a lot and hung out with him, he's an all around great guy".

Most fighters have a problem with fighting friends, but not Pat Barry, it's just business.

"I'm a lot more comfortable getting in the ring with someone I know vs a total stranger."

"That's just a job. We are all striving to be the best."

It's a concept that Dana White wishes more of his fighters would adapt. For Pat, this is an important fight on a nationwide stage of Spike TV and a chance to prove himself in the increasingly stacked UFC Heavyweight division.

Listen to his interview here.

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