Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Shark Infested waters of MMA.

When I started this show, my idea of how the MMA world worked was completely upside down from what it really is. I'm happy that I've met some people, and wish I had not met others. It's been both stressful and rewarding while taking up so much of my time. Here is a little of the story.

I had been doing online radio for almost a year with my other show, before I did a show about UFC 100 and invited Rich from MMA Scraps to join the discussion. Rich liked the experience and MMA Scraps Radio was born. Since that time we have had some incredible shows and have met some amazing people. My story isn't all negative and I won't call out the people who have wronged me, but I will recognize the people who have supported me or been good to me.

In no particular order:

Mike Goldberg from the UFC. Back before MMA Scraps Radio, I found Mike on Twitter and decided to ask him for an interview for Scrapplesandwich. He said yes and gave me an email at UFC to set it up with. I was shocked when I heard back from the UFC and the answer was no. Dejected, I sent a message to Mike that the UFC said no and he got back to me saying that we'd do it anyway. Mike has been on this show twice and been awesome both times. I can't thank him enough for going out of his way to accommodate me. I will never forget that and I hope to meet him in person one day to shake his hand. All around great guy.

Yves Edwards is not only a great fighter, but a really great guy. I've actually interviewed him 3 times and each time he's been awesome. He's a very proud father, and regaining speed as a contender at 155. Yves is a genuine guy and someone I feel proud to call my 'homie'.

Matt Hume is both a trainer of fighters (most notably Rich Franklin) and an official of Dream. Matt has achieved more in his martial arts career than many people ever will. Matt is one of the main inspirations for the Abu Dhabi submission tournament. He's trained some of the top fighters in the game, and has done things in submission fighting that may never be duplicated yet he is one of the most humble and respectful guys I've ever met. Matt has been so incredibly good and kind to me that he is one of the reasons I got so excited about working on an MMA only show. The respect and kindness he's shown to me will never be forgotten.

Michael Schiavello is the voice of HDNet and has got to be one of the funniest play by play guys on TV. Mike has been on the show twice and I can't thank him enough for taking the time. He has also shouted out the show twice during HDNet broadcasts. I still have the first show that he shouted us out on my dvr. Really I felt like we arrived when that happened. Michael will always be invited to the show as many times as he'll have us. This is a guy I would love to sit down and talk MMA with for sure.

Kevin at HDNet Fights has also been awesome to me. He has hooked me up with some awesome interviews and been very supportive of the show on Twitter. I think I owe him a beer or something by now.

Gorgeous George from MMAJunkie Radio perplexes me. Here is a guy that really has nothing to gain by helping me along (quite the contrary as he hosts an MMA Radio show as well) yet has never rejected an opportunity to give me advice on my show and the MMA business as well. Junkie Radio is pretty much seen as the creme of the crop of MMA Radio so of course going to George and asking for help was a no brainer, but for him to continue to lend guidance is above and beyond. I consider him a true friend as he has show amazing character to me over the last couple of months. Thanks George, you are the best man.

Over the last couple of weeks I feel like the MMA world has chewed me up and almost spit me out, but it's the people like the ones above that keep me going. The stress of continuing on had me really second guessing myself, but with people like this supporting me, I don't see how I could stop any time soon. Make no mistake, being in this industry is both fun and very stressful. I've met and talked to people that I would be happy to never meet or talk to ever again, but the opposite is also true. I want to thank all of the people who have helped and say thank you also to the haters, it's you that keep me going.


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  1. Keep up the good work. There are people who detract from others in every endeavour in life and the MMA world will not be exempt from it. You handle it well just smile and keep on truckin.