Friday, October 9, 2009

Tito Ortiz vs Forrest 2 official!

Directly after our show last night, it was revealed that Tito Ortiz's new opponent for UFC 106 was Forrest Griffin. These 2 have fought once before, but much more is on the line this time around.

The last time these 2 tangled, Forrest was still and up and coming fighter and Tito was returning from a long contract dispute with the UFC. Ironically Tito returns under the same circumstances yet Forrest Griffin is a much different fighter.

Forrest is now a seasoned vet and a former UFC champ. He's fought the best and beaten some of the best. He won't come into this fight intimidated at all. As a matter of fact, he will have an opportunity to avenge a loss to Tito. Even though he's coming off of a KO to Anderson Silva, look for Forrest to have the same never say die attitude that he's well known for.

Another thing that is riding in his favor is that Tito isn't known for KO's. While most fighters have a hard time in the fight after a KO, it's almost certain that Tito won't have the stand up necessary to finish Forrest on the feet. Can Tito beat Forrest the same way he beat him last time?

Tito used his superior wrestling and ground and pound skills to get a victory in their last fight. But remember, only the first round was dominate for Ortiz. Forrest figured out how to better fight Ortiz in the second round and by the third round seemingly did not fear Ortiz at all. While Tito may have had an aura around him the in their first battle, that will not be the case this time around.

Let's not forget that Tito has been training stand up with Freddie Roach. This is an impressive piece of knowledge but will probably have little if any impact on the actual fight itself. Once Forrest reminds Tito that boxing isn't his strong point, look for Ortiz to go back to his wrestling with him shooting from way too far away to be effective and Forrest's sprawl to frustrate him.

Despite what many hardcore fans might think of this matchup, it is pure money. The exciting fighters are in there, the bad guy is in there and of course the good guy is in there. The only thing missing is for this to have any baring on the title picture, which it really won't.

Make sure you check out the show from last night where we interviewed Jason MacDonald and Mark Pavelich of the MFC. If you thought Tito could make some amazing claims, you haven't heard Mark speak yet.

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