Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marcus Davis talks UFC 106 and Dan Hardy

If you asked Marcus Davis what is on his mind most, it won't take long for Dan Hardy's name to come up.

Marcus joined us on our latest episode of MMAScraps Radio and let all of his feelings be known about his arch nemesis Dan Hardy.

When asked his thoughts on Swick vs Hardy, Marcus said "It's a win for Dan Hardy and now he gets to move on to get absolutely slaughtered by GSP."

Marcus believes that Dan Hardy has no chance against GSP because of his lack of a good sprawl.

"If Marcus Davis can take you down 5 times in a fight...GSP is going to take you down 10 times a round....GSP is going to setup shop (on the ground) and pound him out."

Dan Hardy and Marcus Davis fought each other at UFC 99 where Dan Hardy won a split decision. Marcus didn't agree with the judge's decision.

"Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports and everyone said using (UFC judging rules) they gave me the fight against Dan Hardy."

Marcus fights Ben Saunders (7-1-2) on Saturday's UFC 106 card. He has been training his hands and footwork in order to out strike Ben. He said his hand speed has increased dramatically since his sparring at Sityodtong.

"For this fight, which I haven't done since I was a boxer, I have just concentrated on speed."

"I was throwing 3.4 punches a second (at the start of camp), and (couple of weeks later) I was throwing 5.7 punches a second."

While his hand speed is better, he believes his increased footwork will be the competitive advantage that he needs against Ben. Marcus believes that with his experience against the top contenders in the 170 pound division, Ben has no chance to beat him.

Even though Ben is in his immediate future, it's all a means to an end.

"I have to fight until I get the fight I want, against that douchebag Dan Hardy."

To listen to the interview, click here.

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