Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mark Hunt willing to take the TUF road back to the top

The last time Mark Hunt was seen in an MMA, it was another disappointing loss.  His last fight in Dream was a submission loss in the Super Hulk Tournament which could have been all his to win had he gotten out of the first round.  Never one to make excuses, Mark has taken some time off to reflect and rebuild himself as a fighter.  He now believes that he is ready to return to MMA and take on the top fighters in the world.

Mark is very aware of his current ranking but wants to get right back on the horse.  In an exclusive interview with MMA Scraps Radio, Mark says he wants to get back to the winner's circle by either fighting on New Years Eve or early next year.  If he can't get a fight with Dream, he'd be willing to give TUF a try.

When asked if he would ever try being a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter he hesitated then answered "..if I have to get to where I want to be, of course I would do it."  Mark says that some of his latest losses come because of mental problems he has to overcome.  "It's just a mental game for me, that's the problem.  I think a lot of fighters go thru the mental part of the fight game....and have to find a way to get thru it.  I just have to find that way back myself to be a winner again."

Mark has launched a new blog where he intends to interact with fans. His blog will be updated frequently and will take requests from fans...within reason. "As long as it doesn't involve taking my clothes off" he jokes.

Make sure to tune into Sunday's show for the interview in it's entirety.  We'll also talk about Strikeforce and have the new guest Co Host Pat Barry on to tell us what this week has been like for him.

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