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Tim Boetsch: A Run for the Title

Former social worker, Tim Boetsch, has had his ups and downs in his three year MMA career. He jumped into the national spotlight in August of 2007, as a last minute replacement against Vladimir Matyushenko in the IFL semi finals. With only a three day notice Boetsch had little time to prepare but still took the MMA veteran to a decision, where “The Barbarian” lost via unanimous decision. Six months later Boetsch was called upon by the UFC as a replacement opponent for David Heath; again he was a last minute addition. Being awarded only ten days to prepare for the Heath match; Boetsch was able to walk away victorious with a TKO win. Fast forward just thirteen months, one victory, and one loss, and UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, pitted Boetsch against Jason Brilz at UFC 96 in Columbus, Ohio. Both men showed heart and took the fight to a decision; Brilz winning unanimously. With a record of 2-2 in the UFC, Boetsch was cut from his UFC contract. Since the cut, Boetsch has gone on to win both of his bouts via standing guillotine in the second round.

Recently “The Barbarian” has opened his own gym located in Thornbury, PA. The gym has 1,000 square feet of open mat space, a full size cage, as well as wrestling, striking, jiu jitsu and other classes. To eliminate his time from away from his family Boetsch will base his training camp out of the gym, though he’ll continue to travel to Kirkland, WA and train with renowned trainer Matt Hume.

“[Traveling] has kind of been a strain in the past because I travel for three weeks at a time,” said Boetsch. “That gets to be stressful on me being away from the family (wife Jade and two-year-old son, Christian). So I’m going to try and cut my training camp into two week increments. Go out there for a couple of weeks, train hard, and then come home so I can see the family.”

Though it’s never easy to leave your wife and young son to travel across country to train, Boetsch realizes that for him to get back in a premier organization like the UFC or Strikeforce, it’s a commitment he must be willing to make. With the support of his wife, Boetsch splits his time during training camp between Hume’s AMC Kickboxing gym in Washington and home in Pennsylvania.

As with any professional fighter, Boetsch’s ultimate goal is to be back in the UFC or another top organization. At only 29 years old, the light heavy weight feels he has plenty of time and potential to eventually make a run for a title.

“I definitely want to climb back up the ladder and get in the big show and make a run for that title,” explained Boetsch. “I think that’s what everybody, well most people in this sports dream, is to hold that belt. I believe it’s definitely within my grasp, especially with the new training camp and just where I feel I’m at as a fighter. I still think I have a ton of stuff to learn and I have a lot of potential that I haven’t even tapped into yet. I think I can go quite far, it’s just a matter of getting back there.”

Boetsch will continue on his path back to the “big show” on March 6 as part of Shine Fight’s next show. Though he is without many details on the fight, manager Monte Cox has told Boetsch to expect a high level opponent and be ready for a war.

To help prepare for that war, Boetsch plans on revisiting Matt Hume’s gym in Washington to get ready for the battle. Hume, known for training elite fighters such as Rich Franklin and a head trainer of the PRIDE/DREAM fighters, is one of the most respected coaches in MMA.

“I’ve only been out there twice, the first time was only for about ten days,” said Boetsch. “When I trained for my King of the Cage fight [against Aaron Stark] I was out there for just over three weeks. I feel like that three week period of time really took my whole game to another level and really changed my outlook on who I was as a fighter and what I need to do to be successful. I’m really excited to get back out there and continue training with him.”

While Boetsch plans on continuing to fight professional for many years to come, he does have a plan for after his professional career. A social worker before turning to professional fighting, Boetsch could always fall back on that career; however, his time as a professional fighter has made him realize how much he loves the sport and wants it to me in his life as long as possible.

“I have the gym now,” said Boetsch. “I’m planning on hopefully winning a bunch of fights and getting to a point where I’m comfortable there. Then I definitely want to just fall back on the gym and train fighters and maybe even get into the management side of things. I see myself being involved with fighting one way or another for pretty much the rest of my life.”

The string of victories Boetsch hopes to attain is already off to a good start, 2-0 since being cut from the UFC in 2009. To help gain those victories, Boetsch enlisted Matt Hume to become part of his training camp.

Check back soon for more information regarding Tim Boetsch's March 6 fight for SHINE Fights

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