Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pat Barry prepares for Gilbert Yvel!

MMA Scraps Radio Co-host Pat Barry gets his next fight at UFC 115.

      “It’s so mental for me; it’s like 24hr PMS”

Confident from his last win against Antoni Hardonk, Pat Barry (5-1) says fighting for him is all mental.  Despite the fact that Pat secludes himself in what he describes as the “Alone Zone” prior to his fights, his game plan is to trap his opponent in his emotional spider web.

On the upcoming UFC 115 card, Barry will have just that opportunity when he squares off against his long time training partner Gilbert Yvel (36-14-1). Barry tells Travis and listeners of MMA Scraps Radio how they used to drill and then start to fight. “People would back up and start to cheer us on; we used to do that all the time.”

While Barry looks to improve his ground game, he gets a style that matches his; Yvel's base is also kickboxing. “He has a lot more ground that’s true, but he’s not gonna look to take it to the ground. He’s gonna be swinging for the fences. I hit stronger and a lot cleaner. I’m like a spider web that you walk into that annoys you until you get frazzled and then the fights over.”

Not only can his kicks and knees intimidate you, but at 6’2 Gilbert Yvel’s appearance is yet another hurdle to get past. “He’s a really big Dutch guy who tattoos the names of everyone he knocks out on his body. He’s a gorilla, he’s insane. This fight will be more mental than physical.”

Pat seems to believe Gilbert's game hasn't really evolved.   “Yvel does the same striking (as he always has)” which is ideal for him because he describes himself as a sniper. “He’s gonna make a move, get annoyed and I’m gonna spear him.” So, in the weeks leading up to the fight, we can expect Barry to become more secluded. Not because he is nervous or uncertain, it’s because he is using his ninja focus, his mind control. Or as Barry puts it “It doesn’t matter who is standing across from me because once I cross the octagon doors I’m punching someone in the brain and they’re gonna fall down”.

Pat Co hosts MMA Scraps Radio every week and is on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/hypeordie

Pat comments on this and more on last week's show.

Expect a future episode with Gilbert Yvel and Pat Barry on at the same time!

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