Thursday, February 25, 2010

“A Phoenix Rising”

Growing up in Idaho with two brothers and a sister, Jens Pulver faced his first battle to overcome an abusive father. To escape his stressful home life, Pulver needed an outlet and became interested in wrestling at age six. Throughout his high school years he continued to wrestle, but then in college he started to gain an interest in mixed martial arts.

In 1999, Pulver began to fight to “change his name” when he started in the UFC. After four fights and achieving a World Lightweight Championship title in the UFC, he left to fight overseas. After mixed success, he returned to the UFC to coach on Season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter. After his loss to BJ Penn at the finale, he switched over to the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) in 2007. You won’t find Jens in it for the money, he explains “I do it for the fans, and I enjoy every minute of it.”

Coming off of four straight losses, “Little Evil” (22-12-1) describes how the disappointment caused him panic attacks and depression. “I was dying on the inside and I had to face my own mortality.” Through professional intervention and a strong feeling of responsibility for his family, Jens now feels encouraged to journey back to the cage on March 6, 2010 against Javier Vazquez. Pulver thanks his fans for not giving up on him. “They saved me, they brought me back.”

Life has not been easy for Pulver, but he has a fighter’s determination to rise up like a phoenix. Greg Bayne identified this quality and is currently filming a documentary featuring Pulver called “Driven.” Jens talks about the documentary and tell how it highlights “his life, his family, his career, being out in Idaho and how this next fight could be his last.”  This film was entirely funded by Jens fans over a several week period.  Not only did they raise the $25,000 necessary, they raised more. "I didn't think we were going to do it (raise enough money) either..but man, people stepped up and I don't even know how to thank them." Jens wants to give back to everyone who has helped him along the way, stating “it’s my turn to make a difference” for the sport of MMA.

As his aspirations change, Pulver has a more positive attitude which could be just the ingredient he needs to win the March 6th fight. He attributes his past success to Tony Fryklund, who continues to play an essential part in his current training.

Pulver has a new clothing line and training center as part of the Driven Nation. The Driven Training Center is located in Nampa, Idaho and offers several classes for kids and adults. Pulver believes in leading a healthy life and the training facility reflects that with world class instruction and a learning center. For more information on the Driven Training Center please visit .

To hear more about Jens preparing for his upcoming fight, listen to his interview….

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