Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Staying in the Game"

Andrei Arlovski (15-7-0) has fought in the MMA world for nearly ten years, eight of them with the UFC. In February 2009, Arlovski signed with Golden Boy Promotions Inc to pursue his talents in the boxing ring. After taking some time off since his loss to Brett Rogers in June 2009, Team Pitbull recently announced that Andrei Arlovski will make his boxing debut against Fres Oquendo on February 27, 2010. This exhibition fight is an event organized by Roy and Lea Black called “The Consequences Charity”. All money raised from this event will go directly to the charity, which is dedicated to reducing adolescent criminal behavior by offering community intervention programs.

While training for his four round boxing debut in Miami, he has been working with Mike Garcia several times a week. He also continues to work on his boxing skills with well-known trainer Freddie Roach several times a year. Due to his last loss Arlovski's camp also advised him to train with Greg Jackson to work on his striking and Jiu Jitsu.This training will start shortly after the charity event,in preparation for his upcoming MMA contract. All around, Arlovski is looking to improve and come back stronger than ever.

With all his hard work and dedication to regain his heavyweight champ status, he still finds the time to connect with his supporters. Arlovski is no stranger to social networking as he is on Twitter and also has an extensive website ( that is updated regularly. His website is also the host to live video chats with him every three to four weeks. Arlovski explains the importance of this communication by saying “My fans support me, they give me energy and I am more open because of my fans.”

Aside from his ambitious goal to be a champion again, Arlovski just appeared in the movie "Universal Soldier: Regeneration". This has been his biggest movie role by far as he has also been in a few movies in Russia. "We spent six weeks in Bulgaria, we had a lot of fun and the crew was great" explains Arlovski.

Perhaps after a few victories we may see him back in the UFC as he explains that the relationship is good between them. Until then, he is doing everything that he can do to train hard and to fight hard. In the weeks to come, we should hear more on Arlovski's upcoming MMA contract.

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