Sunday, February 21, 2010

UFC 110 wrap up, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Boetsch and Jens Pulver!

If you have never heard MMA Scraps Radio before, this is the show for you!  Andrei Arlovski, Tim Boetsch and Jens Pulver joined Travis and Pat HD Barry for a action packed 90 mins!  Find out what everyone thought of UFC 110 and what all of these amazing fighters have been up to!

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  1. What a great interview with Jens, guys.

    When Craig Hummer asked Jens if he was still relevant, I was watching, and I was so upset. What a damaging idea to even plant when a guy is down, especially someone so relevant to the sport as Jens.

    I know Jens is not going to be in the game forever, at least not in the ring, but he's such a great inspiration and I can't wait to see him back on March matter what happens. He's a stand-up guy through and through, and has nothing to prove to anyone. He's already a champion as a fighter, and a person.

    Thank you for this show, first episode I've listened to, and with Jens, one of my favorite fighters ever.

    Hope to meet you guys sometime.


    @FightSpectator on Twitter

  2. "I'll fight that FOOL in my jeans and beat him" -Pat Barry....i bet Cro Cop doesnt even know who the fuck you are, like WHO are you?

  3. Fuck Pat "the fairy" are a no one, you got lucky and make a few bucks, you are an uneducated pussy...CC is gonna make you his BITCH....who are you again?

  4. HD Barry fucks up Cro Cop every day of the week.

    Get em HD