Friday, March 5, 2010

Facing a Legend

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On June 12, 2010 Pat "HD" Barry (5-1-0) will face Mirko Cro Cop (26-7-2) inside the octagon. The nervous energy is flowing and with only four months to go, Pat Barry describes Mirko Cro Cop as one of his top five favorite kick boxers, even before he began in the UFC. Pat explains "I've never met him (Cro Cop) in person, this is outrageous and unbelievable. I want to ask him for an autograph before the fight."

HDNet's Ron Kruck, alongside of MMA Scraps Radio interview Pat regarding his upcoming fight.

MMA fans are with mixed emotion as they dont want to see either one lose. Pro Barry fans hope he wins, but dont want to see Cro Cop retire. While the Cro Cop supporters do not want to see Pat Barry get cut if he loses. No matter the stance, it is going to be a tough situation. Pat explains "I dont want to see him lose, but now I want to win."

At 5'11, Barry could be the target for Cro Cop's left high kick. Pat details "if he kicks a little higher than waist level, I'm getting kicked in the face. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't get kicked in the face."

Although Cro Cop has a three inch height advantage, Pat Barry expressed he thinks he is faster than Cro Cop. "I'm gonna have a certain window of opportunity, because he adapts quickly. I'm gonna use my strategy to catch him off guard and capitalize off of it."

Cro Cop's renowned image will encourage Pat Barry to perform better and bring out the best in his fighting. "I've got no choice but to perform the best I can. He is a highly skilled fighter who is as dangerous as he always was; it’s the other fighters who need to evolve." What better way for Barry to contribute to the evolution of the sport than to fight one of his own idols. It will no doubt be a good "big name" fight.

To hear Pat's lively interview aboard the TapouT bus, listen to the show

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