Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog: Fighters are fans too

In the time I've been doing MMA interviews (which is actually a little big longer than I've been doing MMA Scraps Radio) I have noticed one really cool thing about this sport and it's athletes. Some of the fighters are fans too.

What exactly do I mean? I mean they get giddy just like other fans when talking to their favorite fighters.

I think the first time I really experienced this (altho I could be wrong, it just sticks out) is when we had Frank Mir on the first time. Pat was still co-hosting on the regular with me and when I told him I got a hold of Frank, he sounded like a kid who just opened a Christmas gift. When Frank was on the air with us, you could really tell that Pat was tickled. I have to say that it never occurred to me that fighters could really be fans of other fighters. It happened again after Ben Saunders joined us and didn't realize that my co-host was Pat Barry. It wasn't until after the show that he later texted me asking me why I didn't tell him that was Pat. He was really excited but disappointed that he didn't get to talk to Pat one on one.

Of course everyone knows about Pat and Cro Cop. I can tell you that having had actual off air personal conversations with Pat that he isn't kidding when he says he was a huge fan. It wasn't for show. And yes, he really wanted his autograph.

This is just one of the cool things that I have come across since doing this show. It's happened more times than what I have just mentioned, but those are a couple of times that really stood out.

This show has shown me a side of the sport I would have never have seen otherwise. I will attempt to keep sharing bits with each of you.

See you on Sunday's show!


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