Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog: Skrape from TapouT

If you listened to this week's show, you'll know that another member of the MMA community has joined the MMA Scraps Radio family and he's a tall drink of water.

Sky Skrape from the world's most popular MMA brand has joined us as a regular contributing personality to the show. But how did all of this happen?

This story actually goes back before I ever started MMA Scraps Radio with Rich. Previously my current co-host Rob and I had another show called Scrapple Sandwich. It was a variety show that occasionally dipped into MMA, but was never it's primary focus.  I was a fan of MMA and watched the TapouT show regularly.  We were doing interviews with mainstream celebrities as well as MMA fighters so I figured I'd try to get the guys on.  After some internet searching, I emailed in and scheduled an interview with all 3 members just prior to the Randy Vs Brock fight.  What transpired was almost exactly what I had seen on TV.....mayhem.  But it was fun.  The one regret I had from that interview was not following up fast enough for the one on one interview I wanted to do with Mask. Only a couple of months later, he passed away.

Fast forward to February of this year when Pat was on tour with TapouT and we decided to do a show while he was on the bus.  I figured this would be a great chance to add guests to the show since Pat was on the bus anyway.  So we scheduled a show that included Punkass and Skrape and put on one of my more favorite shows so far.  Surprisingly, when I got Skrape on the phone and reminded him that it was me from the Scrapplesandwich interview, he totally remembered.  I was legitimately surprised that he would remember such a crazy interview, but he went on to tell me that it was one of the most funny interviews they had ever done. 

What surprised me about this episode was how interesting Skrape was when talking about MMA and how much he added to the show.  Honestly, I thought he would be that same wild and crazy guy from the Scrapple Sandwich interview, but I was very pleasantly surprised to hear his views on what was going on in MMA at that time.  Not only that, once his segment was over, he did something that no one else had done up until that point...he stayed on hold to listen to the rest of the show.  This really blew me away as most people just hang up.  Some fighters will hang on just long enough to hear what we say immediately after they get off the phone, but most just get off the phone as soon as they say good bye.  I kept bringing Skrape back into the fold during the show and he continued to impress me by his knowledge and overall demeanor.  I was hoping to bring him back on the show, but unfortunately forgot to write his number down before we went off the air.

At that point I wasn't sure if/when I'd have Skrape back on.  I wanted to, but didn't want to make a huge deal about it.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about who I would like to have on the Anniversary show and Skrape jumped into my head.  Ironically later that day he sent me a DM on Twitter (without me saying anything) saying that he wanted to call in every week to talk MMA.  What really surprised me about this is that I never mentioned to him that I'd like to have him call in.  To me, this was a sign that I must be doing things right because Skrape could have choose ANY MMA show out there (and there are tons) but choose mine and I couldn't be happier.

Now I won't lie, I have no idea exactly what we are going to do every week, but I really feel like Skrape can add a ton to the show.  This is a guy who was around MMA when it was illegal in more places than it was legal and has seen everything.  Just having him call in from time to time would be immensely valuable to the content that I provide our listeners.

I want to be clear and state that TapouT does not sponsor or endorse the show specifically.  Skrape is just calling in as a personality of the sport to tell us his views on what's going on.  I am just really looking forward to seeing where this goes and very excited to continue to grow this already huge show.

Thanks for the support everyone!


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