Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tim Boetsch: A Run for the Title

Former social worker, Tim Boetsch, has had his ups and downs in his three year MMA career. He jumped into the national spotlight in August of 2007, as a last minute replacement against Vladimir Matyushenko in the IFL semi finals. With only a three day notice Boetsch had little time to prepare but still took the MMA veteran to a decision, where “The Barbarian” lost via unanimous decision. Six months later Boetsch was called upon by the UFC as a replacement opponent for David Heath; again he was a last minute addition. Being awarded only ten days to prepare for the Heath match; Boetsch was able to walk away victorious with a TKO win. Fast forward just thirteen months, one victory, and one loss, and UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, pitted Boetsch against Jason Brilz at UFC 96 in Columbus, Ohio. Both men showed heart and took the fight to a decision; Brilz winning unanimously. With a record of 2-2 in the UFC, Boetsch was cut from his UFC contract. Since the cut, Boetsch has gone on to win both of his bouts via standing guillotine in the second round.

Recently “The Barbarian” has opened his own gym located in Thornbury, PA. The gym has 1,000 square feet of open mat space, a full size cage, as well as wrestling, striking, jiu jitsu and other classes. To eliminate his time from away from his family Boetsch will base his training camp out of the gym, though he’ll continue to travel to Kirkland, WA and train with renowned trainer Matt Hume.

“[Traveling] has kind of been a strain in the past because I travel for three weeks at a time,” said Boetsch. “That gets to be stressful on me being away from the family (wife Jade and two-year-old son, Christian). So I’m going to try and cut my training camp into two week increments. Go out there for a couple of weeks, train hard, and then come home so I can see the family.”

Though it’s never easy to leave your wife and young son to travel across country to train, Boetsch realizes that for him to get back in a premier organization like the UFC or Strikeforce, it’s a commitment he must be willing to make. With the support of his wife, Boetsch splits his time during training camp between Hume’s AMC Kickboxing gym in Washington and home in Pennsylvania.

As with any professional fighter, Boetsch’s ultimate goal is to be back in the UFC or another top organization. At only 29 years old, the light heavy weight feels he has plenty of time and potential to eventually make a run for a title.

“I definitely want to climb back up the ladder and get in the big show and make a run for that title,” explained Boetsch. “I think that’s what everybody, well most people in this sports dream, is to hold that belt. I believe it’s definitely within my grasp, especially with the new training camp and just where I feel I’m at as a fighter. I still think I have a ton of stuff to learn and I have a lot of potential that I haven’t even tapped into yet. I think I can go quite far, it’s just a matter of getting back there.”

Boetsch will continue on his path back to the “big show” on March 6 as part of Shine Fight’s next show. Though he is without many details on the fight, manager Monte Cox has told Boetsch to expect a high level opponent and be ready for a war.

To help prepare for that war, Boetsch plans on revisiting Matt Hume’s gym in Washington to get ready for the battle. Hume, known for training elite fighters such as Rich Franklin and a head trainer of the PRIDE/DREAM fighters, is one of the most respected coaches in MMA.

“I’ve only been out there twice, the first time was only for about ten days,” said Boetsch. “When I trained for my King of the Cage fight [against Aaron Stark] I was out there for just over three weeks. I feel like that three week period of time really took my whole game to another level and really changed my outlook on who I was as a fighter and what I need to do to be successful. I’m really excited to get back out there and continue training with him.”

While Boetsch plans on continuing to fight professional for many years to come, he does have a plan for after his professional career. A social worker before turning to professional fighting, Boetsch could always fall back on that career; however, his time as a professional fighter has made him realize how much he loves the sport and wants it to me in his life as long as possible.

“I have the gym now,” said Boetsch. “I’m planning on hopefully winning a bunch of fights and getting to a point where I’m comfortable there. Then I definitely want to just fall back on the gym and train fighters and maybe even get into the management side of things. I see myself being involved with fighting one way or another for pretty much the rest of my life.”

The string of victories Boetsch hopes to attain is already off to a good start, 2-0 since being cut from the UFC in 2009. To help gain those victories, Boetsch enlisted Matt Hume to become part of his training camp.

Check back soon for more information regarding Tim Boetsch's March 6 fight for SHINE Fights

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Clay Guida and Jamie Varner join the gang!

Pat and Travis talked to Clay Guida about his hair, his last couple of fights and chicken nuggets!  Jamie Varner joined us to talk about the public's views on him as a person and as a fighter.  Pat also talks about his upcoming fight with Gilbert Yvel.  Action packed show that can't be missed! 

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Former WEC Champ Jamie Varner and Clay Guida join us Today!

You won't want to miss this show!  Former WEC champ Jamie Varner will answer his critics on the show.  Is he as cocky and arrogant as he seems to be? We'll find out!  Also exciting UFC lightweight Clay Guida joins us and talks about his last several fights and what he wants to do next.  All this at 2pm PST/5pm EST!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tim Boetsch to fight for Shine Fights

Former UFC fighter Tim Boetsch (10-3) recently told MMA Scraps Radio that he has signed with Shine fights to compete for the up and coming organization's March 6th PPV card.  Since being let go by the UFC, Tim has won 2 straight fights by Guillotine choke against Aaron Stark and Rudy Lindsey.  Tim tell us that he has been told to expect a 'big name' for this next fight so he will be making his way up to Seattle to train with Matt Hume.  Also training at the same time at AMC will be Matt Brown who has a fight coming up in the UFC.

Expect to hear more in a upcoming article on Tim.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gerald Harris and Ben Rothwell joined us and had us rolling!

In what was the funniest show so far, Gerald Harris and Ben Rothwell joined us to talk about their past fights, upcoming fights and much more.  We had a technical difficulty for the Harris part, but came back strong as Gerald talked about his pet peeve of having the internet know how much he makes in fights.  Ben joined us and not only sung, but talked about his upcoming fight with Cro Cop and who he wants to fight the most in the UFC.

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UFC Heavyweight Ben Rothwell and Gerald Harris join us!

Don't miss the show today as we have Ben Rothwell and Gerald Harris joining us.  Ben takes on Cro Cop on UFC 110 and Gerald comes off a victory at Ultimate Fight Night.  Join Travis and Pat Barry as they talk to these 2 great fighters!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haitian-Canadian David Loiseau talks MFL, Haiti and the road back

The devastating earthquake that shook Haiti last week has reached someone on every corner of the globe. Though he’s based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, middle weight fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau was shaken when he heard of the earthquake that hit there last week. Part Haitian, Loiseau still had family on the island country and was anxious to hear news of their well being.

“I have family there, and friends there,” said Loiseau. “So my life has been on pause since last Tuesday. Even though my immediate family is healthy and they are alive; there’s a hundred thousand dead bodies there it’s not going to be safe for the next few months. People are hungry, people are thirsty, it’s not a peaceful place to be.”

Though the country he holds so dear has been ravaged by devastation, “The Crow” wants to be an inspiration to fellow Haitians and help them realize that there is something to fight for. Though aid is slowly funneling in, Haitians can take it upon themselves to start the process of rebuilding by helping fellow citizens and fighting to keep the peace while so much havoc is engulfing the tiny island.

As a means to help Haiti, Loiseau has offered to take a “big” fight and donate all the proceeds to help the victims in Haiti.

“I would be willing to fight on a big show and donate every single penny from my sponsors to my fight purse, everything,” said Loiseau. “To inspire people, especially the people of Haiti to fight their fight and to know the MMA community is behind them.”

Taking that fighting attitude, Loiseau heads into his first fight in nearly a year on February 27th in Montreal. His last fight was a unanimous decision loss to Ed Herman at UFC 97 last April. Coming off that loss, “The Crow” has reevaluated his strengths and realized that going into this fight, he needs to focus more on his ground game and get stronger in that aspect.

To prepare himself for his return after 10 months away, Loiseau is working with Firas Zihabi and Bruno Fernandez. Though he’s just learned who his opponent is, he is more than prepared to fight on the 27th of February.

“With the caliber of people I train with, I’m ready for anybody,” stated Loiseau. “I just need to make some adjustments.”

To help with the crisis in Haiti go to or text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10* to the Red Cross.

*The $10 is charged to your mobile bill and will be reflected on your next monthly statement.

Listen to the archive of MMA Scraps Radio with David Loiseau, Ryan Bader, and CB Dolloway.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway and David Loiseau on the latest show!

In what was an awesome show, Ryan Bader talked about his fight with Keith Jardine, CB Dollaway talked about what he is doing to be a better fighter and David Loiseau told us about his ties to Haiti. We also gave away another promotional code to Performance MMA!  All in one incredible show!  Don't miss it! Special thanks to MMAJacked for their help with our guests this week.



Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway and David Loiseau Today!

Ultimate Fighters Ryan Bader and CB Dollaway will be joining us this today as well as David "The Crow" Loiseau!  Don't miss all of the action when we talk to the 2 toughest fighters that Arizona has to offer and one tough Canadian!  2pm PST/5pm EST today!  Click the link below to set a reminder or get into chat once the show has started!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sportsmanship in MMA

Sportsmanship can be one of the most important facets of an athlete’s image; it can help gain and lose fans in one instant. Recently there have been a slew of fighters that have been less than sportsmanly after their fights. Everyone recalls Brock Lesnar after his UFC 100 fight with Frank Mir setting of a string of controversy with his post-fight antics. DREAM’s New Year’s Eve event, DYNAMITE 2009!!, saw Shinya Aoki break opponent Mizuto Hirota’s arm and then proceeded to flip not only Hirota but also the crowd off in Japan. The hammerlock that broke Hirota’s arm was in so tightly that when the two fighters rolled, before Hirota could tap, his arm snapped; the referee quickly jumped in to stop the fight. Aoki’s performance shocked many observers and turned the stomachs of even the most seasoned veterans.

At Sunday’s WEC show in Sacramento, CA Jamie Varner fought Ben Henderson for the light weight title unification. After being out of the cage for a year due to a broken hand, Varner entered the event with little visible ring rust. The two men battled back and forth for the majority of three rounds until Henderson sunk in a deep standing guillotine that forced Varner to tap. While Henderson gave Varner his dues and complimented on what a great opponent and athlete he was, Varner took his post-fight interview opportunity to make excuses and try and defend why, though he tapped, he still should have won.

“I was winning that fight,” said Varner. “All he was doing was throwing body kicks. I got the takedowns, had the control. He didn’t want to box – go ahead, boo- but I came to fight, Ben came to grapple; two different things.”

Many argue that these testosterone driven outbursts are all from the adrenaline one faces from a hard fought fight. However, there are a number of hard, fight-of-the-year-candidate fights that take place all the time when the victor (or loser) restrains themselves and graciously leaves the cage without incident. To stoop to a level where you are blatantly disrespecting your opponent and/or the crowd is something every athlete should strive to avoid. When all the excuses are over, there is no reason for one to flip off an opponent, disrespect a sponsor, or any other antic that we have witnessed.

Brock Lesnar’s UFC 100 performance sent the forums and chat rooms a flurry with the “is he good or bad for MMA” topic. Aoki and Varner’s performances have been less publicized; though have still earned some recognition. Any time an athlete is disgracing the sport, an opponent, a patron or any other member of MMA it’s out right bad for the sport. With MMA still being an underground sport that is not completely understood by the general public there is no room for error; in these cases, the error being the classless behavior that, unfortunately, gave reason to write this article.

MMA is still illegal in some states, not everywhere recognizes it as a legitimate sport and not everywhere has sanctioning. No athlete has the right to jeopardize the chance of gaining legalization by childish antics and adrenaline driven speeches. Some argue that “any press is bad press” however, when MMA is still less than a decade removed of being called “human cockfighting” any bad press can simply fuel the oppositions’ fire.

It might be such a simple fix as each athlete counting to three before speaking, but I hope, for the sake of the future of our sport, our athletes are above that and can learn to restrain themselves without instilling a tactic used for kindergartners.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

MMA Scraps Radio Sunday January 10 Radio Recap

On Sunday’s edition of MMA Scraps Radio we welcomed DaMarques Johnson and Chris Lytle. We opened by chatting with DaMarques about his time on “The Ultimate Fighter” and his loss to James Wilks.

“Losing the fight to James Wilks, that sucked,” said Johnson. “Nobody likes to lose; especially a fight like that. It was a fight that I was totally capable of winning and I just came up short that night.”

Since that loss DaMarques has gone on to submit Edgar Garcia at UFC 107. Since losing via submission against Wilks, Johnson realized that he puts too much pressure on himself to win every fight. He has begun to work on that and went into the Garcia fight ready to fight, win or lose.

“After losing that fight I realized ‘I just need to fight because I like to fight,’” explained Johnson. “Not because I feel like I have to fight or I have to beat up this person or that person. I mean, that’s the whole reason I started fighting is because I enjoy fighting. You just have to have fun. That is what I trained for this fight; a lot more of the mental aspect.”

Now 1-1 in the UFC, DaMarques acknowledges he isn’t really in a position to start hand picking opponents. Joe Silva, UFC Matchmaker, has thrown a few names his name for his next opponent, though Johnson would not disclose who.

“I don’t think I’m really at a point where I should be like ‘yeah, I really want to fight that guy,’” said Johnson. “I don’t know. I always wondered back in the day about guys who would say ‘Oh, I’ll fight whoever they pick,’ but now that I’m there. I’m no longer on the outside looking in, it’s pretty much, every fight is going to be a tough fight so it’s like I’ll just take whoever they got.”

DaMarques went on to joke with Pat about several signing they have done together and how Pat is just jealous because DaMarques is also half black but got “good hair”.
Later on in the show we were joined by UFC Welter weight, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle. Apart from being a professional fighter, Lytle also is a fireman and a father to four, as well as being a husband. He’s a man that never stops, and gives everything he has to what he’s doing.

“It’s always tough,” said Lytle. “That’s what people don’t really understand, is the time commitment it takes for all of those things. If anybody is a father they realize the amount of time it takes, same with being a fighter. The fire department is really no different… I’ve made a decision that this is what I want to do and this consumes my life.”

With little time for more than work, training and family Lytle knows every minute is precious. He has forty-nine professional fights, some of his favorites are the ones haven’t gone out of the first round.

“I really liked when I fought Aaron Riley,” said Lytle. “I fought him in his home town and I know a lot of people thought he was going to go out there and knock me out. I went out there and knocked him out really quick and that was a pretty good feeling; kind of helped me get established and get me in good with the UFC. The Robbie Lawler fight was also good. It was my first fight in the UFC after a long time.”

Scroll below to download the full hour show and listen to all the conversations with DaMarques Johnson and Chris Lytle.



Monday, January 11, 2010

MMA Jacked and MMA Scraps Radio Partnership


LAS VEGAS, NV (January 11, 2010)–
MMA Scraps Radio and MMA Jacked have agreed to a partnership and content sharing.

About MMA Jacked
MMA Jacked is a social networking site that brings professional fighters, promoters, trainers and models to the fans. Visitors of the site have access to ask them about their training regiment, diet, and habits. Also available are personal pictures and other details about their lives.

MMA Scraps Radio
MMA Scraps Radio is one of the top downloaded MMA radio shows on the internet. In addition to the radio show the site offers articles and information on every aspect of MMA. Some of the featured, recurring articles are MMA Events, MMA on the Cheap, Fight Recaps, Radio Recaps and more.

From Travis McPherson, Owner/Founder of MMA Scraps Radio:
“I am truly excited about teaming up with MMA Jacked as a social networking site and as a new driving force on the internet for MMA. Of course any project Chuck Liddell is a part of is sure to be a success and we are honored to be working with MMA Jacked to provide them the very best in MMA Radio"

More information to come.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DaMarques Johnson and Chris Lytle join us!

DaMarques and Chris joined Pat and Travis as they talked about past fights and future fights.  Travis also announced a new partnership with MMA Jacked.  Also a coupon code for 15% off any Performance MMA purchase was given during the show, so tune in!


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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Join us for Sunday's show!

Not only will we have Chris Lytle and DaMarmarques Johnson on, but we'll be giving away a 15% coupon code for purchases at our new sponsor, Peformance MMA!  Don't miss this show!  2pm PST/5pm EST! Link is below!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

MMA Scraps Radio announces sponsorship partners King of Caffeine and Performance MMA!

Today marks a very special day for MMA Scraps Radio.  We can formally announce our new sponsors, 
King of Caffeine and Performance MMA.  This will not only benefit us by having a little income  to put back into the production and promotion of the show, but will also benefits our listeners by giving them discounts and contests with both of these awesome companies.

I personally believe in both and would never promote a company I didn't believe in.  I think we have gained a certain trust with our listeners and I will not betray that trust for any amount of money.  I have chosen these 2 companies because of their customer service, product line and my belief that my listeners can also benefit from our association.

King of Caffeine   is the only place anywhere where you can find the best energy products, all in one place. From gums to chews, powders, mints, gels, snacks, patches and more, the King slings the coolest and craziest and caffeine-est stuff on the planet.  All delivered to your doorstep.

Performance MMA  is your source for mixed martial arts clothing and gear. They are owned and operated by MMA fighters and fans who want to share their enthusiasm and love for the sport with their customers. Performance MMA's passion is reflected in the store, the products, and in your shopping experience. Performance, it's what they expect in everything from shirts, shorts and gloves to their awesome customer service. In the cage or out in the street, if it doesn't perform, they don't carry it! 

I hope you will listen to our next show and hear some great news including promotional codes for percentage off of future purchases!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

UFC 108 and Dream Wrap up and Jay Hieron!

The chat room was packed for our return to the airwaves!  Jay Hieron joined us and we talked about UFC 108, Dream and much more!  Don't miss this awesome episode!

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We're back! Breaking down UFC 108, Betting on MMA and Dream!

You knew you couldn't keep us away!  The holidays are over and we are back!  Join us at a special time, 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST for the latest MMA Scraps Radio show.  We'll break down UFC 108, betting on MMA, Dream and more!  Don't miss it!  This show is brought to you by the great folks at King of Caffeine

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Where I won my money betting on MMA

As some of you will find out on Sunday's show, I won a handsome amount of money betting on the New Year's Eve card for Dream.  A lot of you are asking where i placed my bets.  The link above will take you to BETUS which is not only well known, but pays handsomely.  Make sure you click this link so we get credit for sending you.  The link is also on the front page on the right hand side of the website.