Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brett Rogers talks about Fedor and Overeem

Here is a piece of our last show.  Brett Rogers talks about his fight with Fedor and his upcoming title fight in Strikeforce.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brett Rogers, DaMarques Johnson, King Mo and Ron Foster from Shine Fights join us!

Pat was sick and couldn't make the show, but Travis made due with no problems!  Ron Foster from Shine Fights joined us to tell us about how it is to be a matchmaker for one of the fastest growing MMA orgs in the country.  DaMarques Johnson called to tell us about his upcoming UFC 112 fight and a little about UFC 111.  King Mo saves the day and cohosts the rest of the show as Brett Rogers talks about Fedor, Overeem and more!


UFC 111 round up and special guests

With UFC 111 behind us, Pat and Travis talk about where this leaves the fighters and the promotion. We will also be joined by several guests from different organizations so don't miss it

2pm PST/5pm EST

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Showtime

>After winning “Knock out of the Night” against Danny Castillo from WEC 47 on March 6, lightweight Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (9-1-0) is preparing for yet another fight scheduled on the WEC 48 (Aldo v. Faber) fight card. With only a few weeks in between the fights, Showtime will fight Alex Karalexis (10-4-0) on WEC’s first pay per view event on April 24, 2010.

“Showtime” Pettis is looking forward to the fight and wants to go up against the best in the world, no matter the division. Pettis wants title shots and to keep making big statements in his fights. No matter who he fights in the future, you can expect a show because he says he is “going to bring the fire.”

MMA Scraps Radio’s Co-host Pat Barry says “I admire him and the things he does during his training. He’s going to fight his way out of the WEC.(into the UFC)” Pettis, who currently trains with Duke Roufus has a good rapport with Barry. In fact, Pettis even jokes that if Pat Barry doesn’t corner him, he won’t fight.

With a thriving 155lb weight division in the WEC, Showtime wants to prove to himself that he is the best. “I got all the right guys to do this.”

Listen to the interview with Showtime to hear more about his upcoming fight


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eyes on the Win

After the disappointment of being denied a chance to fight due to licensing issues in December of 2009, Tyler Toner is ready to debut at WEC 48 on April 24, 2010 against Brandon Visher. Tyler currently resides in Broomfield, Colorado and trains at Eastern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Boulder with Eliot Marshall and Duane Ludwig. He also trains at the Grudge Training Center where other known MMA fighters such as Nate Marquardt and Shane Carwin also prepare for their fights.

Although Toner describes himself as nervous and excited before a fight, he is “willing to take fights wherever they need to go, whatever style it takes.” Toner is trying to stay dangerous everywhere, and continues to train hard. With tough and exciting competition, Tyler is willing to fight anyone in the featherweight division.

Toner (9-1-0) is a well rounded fighter who prefers stand up, but also has a background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and exhibits a great submission game. His only loss to date was against Scott Jorgenson and Tyler felt he “could’ve won, but Jorgenson won when it went to decision. Scott Jorgenson is a cool guy, so I got some closure.”

After a vision correction through Icon Lasik, a confident Tyler is ready to fight Brandon Visher (13-0-0). “Brandon is real athletic with quick and heavy hands. He’s a good style match up as we both like to stand up and strike, it should be fun.”

To hear the full interview with Tyler Toner, click here.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frank Mir, Ben Saunders, Kurt Pellegrino, Damon Martin from MMA Weekly and Dann Stupp from MMA Junkie join us!

2 hours wasn't enough to hold this show! With more guests than you can count (if you can only count to 4) and a ton of content, get your UFC 111 knowledge right now with MMA Scraps Radio!  


Friday, March 19, 2010

Huge UFC 111 show with Frank Mir, Ben Saunders and UFC 111 Roundtable!

(Photo from MMAWeekly)

UFC 111 is right around the corner and there is no way MMA Scraps Radio is going to send you to watch it uneducated!  We will have Ben Saunders, and Frank Mir to talk about their upcoming fights.  If that wasn't enough, Pat and Travis will be joined by Damon Martin from MMA Weekly and Dann Stupp from MMA Junkie to conduct a round table discussion on UFC 111! We will also have coupon codes for Performance MMATri Coasta, and King of Caffeine. You can't miss this even if you wanted to, we start 2pm PST/5pm EST on Sunday!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tyler Toner, Anthony Showtime Pettis, Matt Brown and Micheal Schiavello joined us!

Some have already called this our best show yet.  WEC fighters Tyler Toner and Anthony "Showtime" Pettis join us as well as UFC fighter Matt Brown and HDNet announcer Micheal Schiavello.  We talked WEC, UFC 111 and K-1 as well as many other subjects.  Action packed 90 mins for your enjoyment!


The Voice and more join us!

The voice of HDNet will be joining us today as well as WEC fighters Tyler Toner and Anthony Showtime Pettis.  To round out the guests, UFC 111 fighter Matt Brown will tell us how he will fight the Big Dog!  Don't miss this show at 2pm PST/5pm EST!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

King Mo, Gerald Harris prank calls Pat and Duke Roufus!

Every once in a while, something happens that kills. And this is it. King Mo joined us to talk about his fight and the WEC and in the middle of it, Gerald Harris calls in and pranks Pat. Pat's coach also calls and tells us about some of the best at his gym. Tons of fun and not to be missed!

MP3 link




Saturday, March 6, 2010

King Mo and WEC wrap up!

Join the guys as they wrap up WEC and are joined by King Mo to discuss his upcoming fight with Gegard Mousasi.  We are live at 2pm PST/5pm EST on Sunday!
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Facing a Legend

Picture Courtesy of

On June 12, 2010 Pat "HD" Barry (5-1-0) will face Mirko Cro Cop (26-7-2) inside the octagon. The nervous energy is flowing and with only four months to go, Pat Barry describes Mirko Cro Cop as one of his top five favorite kick boxers, even before he began in the UFC. Pat explains "I've never met him (Cro Cop) in person, this is outrageous and unbelievable. I want to ask him for an autograph before the fight."

HDNet's Ron Kruck, alongside of MMA Scraps Radio interview Pat regarding his upcoming fight.

MMA fans are with mixed emotion as they dont want to see either one lose. Pro Barry fans hope he wins, but dont want to see Cro Cop retire. While the Cro Cop supporters do not want to see Pat Barry get cut if he loses. No matter the stance, it is going to be a tough situation. Pat explains "I dont want to see him lose, but now I want to win."

At 5'11, Barry could be the target for Cro Cop's left high kick. Pat details "if he kicks a little higher than waist level, I'm getting kicked in the face. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't get kicked in the face."

Although Cro Cop has a three inch height advantage, Pat Barry expressed he thinks he is faster than Cro Cop. "I'm gonna have a certain window of opportunity, because he adapts quickly. I'm gonna use my strategy to catch him off guard and capitalize off of it."

Cro Cop's renowned image will encourage Pat Barry to perform better and bring out the best in his fighting. "I've got no choice but to perform the best I can. He is a highly skilled fighter who is as dangerous as he always was; it’s the other fighters who need to evolve." What better way for Barry to contribute to the evolution of the sport than to fight one of his own idols. It will no doubt be a good "big name" fight.

To hear Pat's lively interview aboard the TapouT bus, listen to the show