Monday, January 31, 2011

AMC on Inside MMA

Listeners of the show may know that I train at AMC in Washington state. Inside MMA on HDnet recently came in and did a little spot about the gym. Check it out

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  1. Curious, wow come Rob doesn't pay attention to MMA and Travis is so well spoken and current in the sport? Why is it Rob is allowed to have a forum when he consistently makes comments that are clearly from someone who doesn't pay attention to the sport. "Fedor should win this fight, and will be in a good position to Join the UFC"- comment the week before Hendo/Fedor. OR "Tito will win because his game has evolved so much since 2007 and Rashad is basically the same fighter". These are two recent beauties but you get the idea. I was into the podcast but I can't keep listening to this guy while he butchers the show with ignorant statements. He sounds like my buddy who watches 3 shows/year. There's nothing wrong with not being interested but he shouldn't be on a podcast. Travis is on board with this; you can hear how totally puzzled he is. Maybe Rob's family owns the product? there is a reason and I need to know before I listen again. Thanks in advance