Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Listen to us on Android phones

Don't have an iPhone or iPod or even a Zune to listen to us?  Are you like me and love your android phone? Well even tho you can download the "Sports Action Network" app and get us, Google Listen provides a better way.

First, download Google Listen and install it on your phone.  There are some settings you may want to change including unchecking "download only on WiFi".  After you have installed Listen, come to this webpage and click this link on your phone. Pick the option for Listen when it asks you what you want to open the link in and you can subscribe to the show.

Alternatively, after you install the app, you can choose to add a new feed and use the address

Join the party, we love our android listeners!


  1. It was far easier to just download the radio file to our phones from your site using the browser. The Sports Action Network app is not real good to use. Any interuptiions from the phone and you lose your place in the show.

  2. I agree regarding the SAN app. Don't worry, the mp3 link won't go anywhere.