Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tim Boetsch, John Howard, Gerald Harris join the 100th show!

There is something here for everyone.  John Howard calling out Rumble Johnson (again) Tim Boetsch talking about his weight cut and Gerald Harris giving his fight picks for UFC 129 while arguing with Rob.  100 down, and many more to come!


100th Show

Don't miss our 100th show with tons of special guests and UFC 129 breakdown with Gerald Harris!

3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ryan Bader, Dominick Cruz and Seth Petruzelli on the Debut of MMA Weekly Radio Weekend

Ryan Bader talks about his loss to Jon Jones, Dominick Cruz talks about Faber and Seth Petrulelli talks about being a mental midget all on the debut show of MMA Weekly Radio: The Weekend Edition.  The MMA Scraps version has a special added bonus that the Weekly version doesn't have, so feel free to download both!


MMA Scraps Radio debuts as MMA Weekly Radio: The Weekend edition today!

Today is the day!  Don't be late.  Ryan Bader, Dominick Cruz and more! 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ben Saunders, Trevor Wittman, Chris Lozano, and Chaun Sims

After a spectacular Strikeforce card, the guys will chat about the results, what's next for the fighters and more.  Trevor Wittman will talk to us about Rashad vs Bones, Chaun Simms and Chris Lozano will call in to talk about their upcoming fights and Travis has a big announcement about the future of the show! Ben Saunders makes a surprise call at the end!


MMA Scraps Radio joins MMA Weekly

When I started this show with Rich the day after UFC 100, I never had any intention of staying.  The show was really made to be Rich's and I was going to co-host until it was off and running.  Things change of course and just under 2 years later, here I am continuing the great show because of the listeners that enjoy the show.

One thing I have always wanted was to grow the show and create a larger audience.  Going under the MMA Weekly banner will allow us to do this.  I can't tell you how excited this makes me.  For as long as I have been a fan of this sport, I have been visiting  To ever think that I would one day be a part of such a long running and successful website never entered my mind.

Joining the MMA Weekly family is an honor.  I can't think of a more respected website for MMA news that I could join and make an immediate impact.  I'm excited and energized to make a splash in MMA and this is the perfect platform.

The deal is done.  All you have to do as a fan of the show is to sit back and relax.  This will open up doors for us that have been almost impossible to open previously.  We will now have access to more fighters, prizes and content with this partnership.  It also ensures that I won't be going anywhere any time soon.  

As I said on the show, you can continue to listen to the show the way you always have (on iTunes, Zune, download from the website or whatever) or you can switch to the MMAWeekly feed and get a higher quality version which will show up on the MMAWeekly iTunes feed.  You can also download that version of the show from the Radio page as well. 

For the immediate future, it's business as usual.  We'll still have a live show that you can call into or chat with us during and we'll still try to inform and entertain.  I hope you are all as excited as I am.  

The first show that will be on MMA Weekly will be April 17, 2011.  I hope you all join in on the celebration.


Strikeforce, Trevor Wittman and a huge announcement!

Not only will we be talking to Chaun Simms, Chris Lozano and Trevor Wittman, we have Strikeforce to go over and a HUGE announcement that will shock MMA Scraps fans.  Tune in today at 3pm Pacific to find out more!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chris Lytle, Mike Dolce and Strikeforce talk

The guys talk to Mike Dolce about weight loss and his thoughts on all things health and Chris Lytle joins us to talk about his last fight and who he'd love to fight next.  It was an amazing show and you do not want to miss it!


Strikeforce talk and more!

Strikeforce is coming full steam and we'll talk about it today at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern!