Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clay Guida, Houston Alexander, Pat Curran and Strikeforce talk

3 Great interviews and talk about Hendo vs Fedor.  Don't miss interviews with Houston Alexander, Clay Guida and Pat Curran!

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  1. I think Travis does a good job, but Rob is another story. it honestly sounds like he doesn't even pay attention to MMA. In the past week, I've heard him say "Fedor would win and end up in good position to join the UFC". Anyone that pays any attention knows that the UFC wouldn't not bring on Fedor on had he won three in a row; never-mind his consistent losing and getting beat up. He may not even get an offer from Strikeforce due to his losing and payroll. Then reviewing the upcoming UFC 133 discussion of Evans vs Ortiz; Rob goes on to explain that Tito would win because Evans is the same fighter from the 2007 fight as he is today, implying he hasn't evolved and Tito has. WTF? This is not only incorrect and borderline retarded; but he doesn't sound at all knowledgeable and is basically throwing out arbitrary comments. Most people understand that Evans went on to become champion and has won through a variety of methods. Tito does the same thing every fight and he's won the majority of those through GNP. He's never knocked anyone out on the feet and he's submitted VERY few. Couple that with the fact Tito first win in 5 years happened 4 weeks ago. It's OK to pick Tito to win because you like him or think there's some angle he can use to pull off the W but the actual facts he's using are basically made up. Tito is one of the most successful one-dimensional fighters in the UFC. FACT. And these little pearls of wisdom happen all the time. You can tell when Travis is totally puzzled because he is dead mute after Rob lets go of one of these turds. Travis is a good host and fun to listen to but it's getting to the point where it's frustrating to listen to. He deserves a better partner.

  2. Pat Barry: Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rui P.

    Google account was F'ing up

    You can always go listen to another podcast. OH wait, they all suck!

    Rob is fine, you sir are not as a 'fan'. You need to brush up your skills.

    #1 - Tito beating Rashad was not insane, since Rashad hadn't fought in what seemed a Jon Bones Jones lifetime.

    #2 - Fedor would sell PPV's if he had 1 leg. He is kind of a big deal in Russia.

    #3 - Brush up on economics.

    #4 - Please give a counter argument instead of a cheap ass after the fact.... facts. That is to say, make a bold prediction about the next UFC. When its done, we'll come back and review. If you are off, I get to Little Sally diary complain about you.



    P.S. Yes I am a fan of the show. Yes I will stick up for the show, because I think its quality. You started it, by taking time out of your day on a tuesday afternoon ( I really hope you're employed )