Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jake Shields, Kenda Perez and UFC 133 wrap up!

UFC 133 left us with as many questions as it answered.  We'll check into the winners and losers and what is next for them.  We are also joined by Kenda Perez who hosts the Pride Fighting Championships show for the UFC.  She'll tell us about her experiences in MMA and more.  Also Jake Shields will talk to us about his fight with GSP, who he should fight next and his current fight with Jake Ellenburger.

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  1. More amazing from Rob today. Only 10 minutes in, and he goes on to talk about how the evans win was to be expected and how good his stand-up. Last week he was talking about Rashad hadn't evolved since the first time he fought Tito and Tito had evolved quite a bit. Basically his response last week was the exact opposite of the truth and now he's taking credit for basically predicting the inevitable outcome. I'm sure there are many more contradictions and factually incorrect declarations to come.

  2. Thanks Thomas. Love or hate him, it gets you talking and that's enough for me. :)