Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jon Fitch, Ryan Bader and UFC 139 wrap up

We cover UFC 139 and talk about Dan Henderson's incredible win and which title he should go for. Faber got a win and will get a title shot, but does he deserve it before others? We discuss this and the rest of the UFC 139 card

Ryan Bader got back on the winning track with a KO last night and he talks to us today about what changed for him and what the gameplan was for this fight.

He also gives his thoughts on who at 205 has a good chance at beating Jon Jones
"Henderson. Looking at his last fight, he's not going to go away. It's going to take a guy who will just throw at him (Jones) and not respect him. People respect Jon Jones too much. It's going to take a guy who is giong to try to take your head off (to beat Jones)."

Ryan also gives his thoughts on the main event and co-main event fights.
Jon Fitch joins us and talks about his philosphy of winning at all costs and why it is so important to him. Also he gives his thoughts on why he gets passed over for title shots
"I really have no idea, no one has ever come to speak to me (about it). I'm completely clueless, I have no idea what is expected of me to get a title shot."

He talks about BJ Penn and why it was the fight that got away from him.
"I dropped the ball on that. I should have started the first round like I started the third."
He talks about 2 incidents that almost made him break into tears.

He also gives his thoughts on what could he could improve to be a better fighter.
"I could be taller and a bit better looking".

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