Sunday, December 11, 2011

UFC 140, King Mo, Mighty Mouse, Brad Tavares and Justin Wilcox

The guys talk extensively about the fall out from UFC 140 and the TUF finale. We also cover the introduction of the 125lb class with Mighty Mouse.
Justin Wilcox has a tought fight this weekend against Caros Fodor. We ask him about his no contest with JZ and his upcoming fight with Fodor. He tells us why training at AKA is one of the main reasons he will win.

King Mo joins us as an analyst of the recent goings on in MMA. He tells us that Lyoto gassed in the fight for a very specific reason and also who is the best striker at 205 in MMA.
"No one in MMA at 205 can stand with (Gegard) Mousasi. No one."

He also talks about his upcoming fight with Lorenz Larkin as well as the fact that his contract with Strikeforce is up in Feb.
Demetrious Johnson is one of the first 4 Flyweight fighters in the UFC. He talks about the tournament, his opponent and if he's happy that 125 is finally here or if he has unfinished buiness at 135.
Finally Brad Tavares joins us and talks about pulling out of his last fight and how hard that was. He also gives us an update on when he wants to fight again and talks about guns with Rob.

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