Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pat Barry and Bloodstain Lane

The show returns with the guys recapping UFC 142. Were the stand ups in the Rumble vs Vitor fight justified? Did they have an impact on the outcome? Did Barbosa earn the KO of the night or should Aldo have gotten it? The guys also preview Guillard vs Miller and what that means for the 155lb class.

Bloodstain Lane is one of the most contraversial personalities in MMA. You can love him or hate him, as long as you talk about him Lane doesn't care. BSL shares his rise in popularity and tells us stories about his run ins with Dana White, Ariel Helwani, Alistar Overeem, Jon Jones and much more. Lane also gives us his views on what he calls the greatest fight in MMA history, Henderson vs Shogun.

Pat Barry is as entertaining as ever. This time he tells us about trolling the internet trolls, reminscing on his life changing UFC 104 win, not talking to relatives, and tells us what his most favorite and most hated thing about being an MMA fighter (hint, it's the same thing).

Finally we debut a new segemnt with MMA Weekly writer Erik Fontanez called Watermelons and Tacos. You'll have to listen to understand what that means. Erik talks about his time at Reign trainging center with Mark Munoz and Mayhem Miller.
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