Sunday, February 5, 2012

UFC 143 Wrap up, Eddie Alvarez and ask Ronda

Join the guys as they talk about the winners and losers from UFC 143.  Did Diaz deserve to win?  What is Roy Nelson's next move?  What is it that fans on Twitter are saying that Travis can't seem to understand?

Eddie Alvarez is coming off of a hard loss of his Bellator title, but that won't stop the talented 155 pound superstar.  Listen to him talk about what went wrong in this last fight, if he likes being in fight of the year candidates, and how he chose to fight Aoki next?  Eddie also shares his thoughts on not getting the next shot at the Bellator title.

Ask Ronda is back as Rousey takes your questions and gives her wacky and insightful answers!  Don't miss it!

Tacos and Watermelons is back talking about the forum thread of the week, UFC on Fuel and much more.  Is the UFC wasting it's time on Fuel?  We cover that and more!

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