Sunday, February 26, 2012

UFC 144 wrap up, Glenn Robinson, Caros Fodor, Drew Brokenshire and Ask Ronda

You want a long show?  We got you covered!

UFC 144 wasn't without it's controversies.  Rob and Travis talk about all of the major fights and break down who really won the main event.  Hear how Mark Hunt's improbable career isn't as surprising as some may think.  Should Pettis get the next title shot?  The guys take sides on the issue and debate who is next in line.

Glenn Robinson is the head of ASM, one of the sport's biggest management companies.  He is the man behind the Blackzillians.  What does Glenn think of his clothing company Jaco's future?  Why did he choose sides with Rashad when he and Jon Jones had a falling out.  Also Glenn is very open and honest when he discusses the recent rumor regarding his signing of Alistair Overeem and if he paid him $500,000 to sign with ASM.

Caros Fodor is coming off of a 18 second KO win at his last Strikeforce outing and now he has a chance to be in the mix with his fight against Healy this weekend.  Hear how he is training hard to overcome what may be Healy's biggest advantage. Also hear what he thinks about teammates Tim Boetsch and Mighty Mouse Johnson.

Drew Brokenshire is a name you may not know now, but you will soon.  With the most prolific amateur career in Washington State history, Demetrious Johnson's #1 sparring partner has recently turned pro.  Find out what secrets he has learned training with one of the world's best flyweights.

The final Ask Ronda is upon us.  Listen to what Ronda thinks of the final weeks of prep before her title shot against Meisha Tate. 

Finally, what would an MMA week be without Erik Fontanez getting thrown out of somewhere.  Hear what happened this time and listen to the guys give some quick picks for UFC on FX 2.


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