Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brandon Vera and Mike Dolce

The guys talk TUF live and if the format works for people who have watched the show since it's first season.  Ronda Rousey is impressive, but does she have enough talent to fight against to really show her skills?  The guys also tackle the all heavyweight main card of UFC 146.

Mike Dolce always gives us something to think about when it comes to nutrition and this time is no different.  Check out an exclusive diet tips that he gives MMA Weekly listeners including how he would set up YOUR day to lose weight. 

Mike also tells us about the Thiago Alves fight and gives us a look behind the scenes when Vitor was told Rumble wouldn't make weight.  Mike tells us what was more insulting than even him not making weight.

Brandon Vera is coming off of a big win against Eliot Marshall.  Find out what was going through his mind as he almost lost by submission in the final moments of the match and what he did to mentally prepare himself to no tap out to the painful submission.  Brandon also shares with us the reason he had to pull out of his fight with Thiago Silva recently and when we can expect to see him in the cage again.

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