Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pat Barry and Clay Guida

The guys break down all of the newly signed fights including the recently announced UFC 150 and UFC 149. What do the guys think about Sonnen vs Silva 2 being moved to Vegas? What is going on with TRT and should it be allowed? How good of a chance do the guys give Dan Henderson to defeat Jon Jones? Finally, the guys give their predictions on UFC on Fox 3.
Clay Guida has been on the brink of a title show many times. This time he takes a break from fighting talk and tells us about his lifestyle, what a movie about his life would look like and what he wants to do when he eventually retires. He'll also give us his thoughts on TRT and if fighters should be held responsible.
"(Fighters) not knowing what is going in their body is like me not knowing what is in my shampoo".
Finally Travis is joined by Pat Barry as they talk about some of the more recent happenings in MMA as well as their favorite movies and crazy autograph stories. Also Pat will tell us how he now handles money in comparison to earlier in his career. Finally the guys reveal how old they both feel when hearing about things that happened 20 years ago. Tons of laughs to be had in just this segment alone.

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A little something that happened after the show when I was eating.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

King Mo, Matt Brown and Josh Gross

The guys look in depth into UFC 145 and breakdown all of the fights that matter to you most. The gang invites Josh Gross and King Mo to give thier views on Jon Jones, the UFC in general and much more. Josh talks to us about his take on Jones vs Anderson, Hector Lombard and Eddie Alvarez and who he thinks are the top 3 pound for pound in the world.
King Mo will not only break down Rashad vs Jones, he'll give us an update on his suspension, where he wants to end up fighting and his touhgts on who from the wrestling world should make the transistion to MMA.
Matt Brown is fresh off of a UFC 145 victory and he takes time to tell us his experience beating the very talented Stephen Thompson. Find out how Matt was actually flash KO'ed during the fight and what he had to do to recover. He'll also explain the smack talking before the fight and what it was like sharing a hospital room with his opponent.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Johny Hendricks and Spenser Fischer

We've been with MMA Weekly for one year and we celebrate with some great guests.
The guys breakdown the upcoming Jones vs Evans card and also talk about some of the exciting fights from UFC on Fuel. 

Spencer Fischer has been in wars with Sam Stout and their upcoming 3rd meeting will be no different.  Listen to Spencer as he talks about his upcoming fight with Sam as well as who his favorite fight was, a close friend that was once an opponent and who he'd most like to rematch if given a shot.  Spencer also talks about retiring if he's ever cut from the UFC and what it's been like watching the sport evolve in his 10 years fighting.

Johny Hendricks shocked the world with a KO of Jon Fitch.  Now this student of the game has Josh Koscheck next up.  Listen to what he thinks of that matchup and why he's been basically training for this fight for over a year.  You'll also hear his thoughts about trash talking, staying off of Twitter for this fight, what it felt like to beat Jon Fitch and why he's glad he wasn't pushed up the ladder in the UFC more quickly.  Johny also tells us that the most important thing for him, is to just be himself.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Matt Hume and Tara LaRosa

This week the guys take a look at the Overeem situation and if it is a forgiveable sin.  Who should take his place against Dos Santos?  Will there even be a reason to have a replacement? 

UFC on Fuel is right around the corner and the guys give their views on the main event.  Who should you put money on?

Tara LaRosa has dominated women's MMA for a decade.  Find out why the 21-2 fighter believes rankings are important in women's MMA and why her recent drop from the rankings upset her.  Also find out why she missed weight and her thoughts on Women's MMA and if 135lb should be in her future.

Matt "The Wizard" Hume has been around MMA since the early 90's and has seen it all.  From coaching former champs like Josh Barnett and Rich Franklin, to current contenders Demetrious Johnson and Tim Boetsch, Matt is rarely surprised by anything.  Listen to his thoughts about Bibiano Fernadez, Demetrious Johnson, Tim Boetsch and who he'd love to coach if given the chance.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ben Saunders, Yuri Villefort, Bart Palaszewski and Scott Jorgensen

We're back!

Check out the latest show with some up and comers, as well as some established greats! 

Rob and Travis talk about the latest in MMA including RFA2, King Mo, Rich Franklin vs Cung Le and more!  Download now!