Sunday, May 13, 2012

King Mo, Pat Barry and Micheal Johnson

We talk Pro wrestling, MMA and much more on today's show.  With King Mo going into TNA and Bellator, will fans be confused?  Is this good or bad for the sport?  We talk about that, Cruz's injury, Wanderlei vs Vitor and much more.

King Mo is making the move to be a dual star.  What was it like to be called by Hulk Hogan and Sting to be wooed to come to TNA?  Why is he doing this?  Does he fear being injured too much?  Does he intend to get an immidate title match in TNA?  He answers these questions and much more.

Micheal Johnson looked great in his recent victory aganist Tony Furgeson.  Find out how he changed his training up since his loss 2 fights ago and what the atmosphere is like in the Blackzillian camp right now.  Also find out what areas of his game he thinks need improvement and much more.

Finally Pat Barry joins us for a new semi-regular segment where he will review movies.  Before he gets to that he talks about his loss to Lavar and comments on a move to 205.  Will he do it?  Is he against it?  Pat then talks about the movie Avengers and if you should go see it.  Find out what Pat most liked about the movie and if he gives it 2 High Kicks or 2 Low Kicks.

Finally, find out how you can win a chance to watch UFC 146 for free on your Xbox!

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