Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFC 152 wrap up and Tara LaRosa!

The guys return after a long lay off to talk about UFC 152, their thoughts on Jones vs Belfort and Demetrious' title win. What did the guys think of Jon's performance as well as his recent contraversies? Did he win back some of his fans? DJ is the first ever Flyweight champ and to celebrate the guys look into the archives and find Demetrious' very first MMA interview ever and play it back. Also, has Bisping done enough to earn a title shot? If not, who is next?
Tara LaRosa has been a pioneer in women's MMA for many years. She is getting ready to return to action in Invicta 3 in just over a week. Listen to her talk about the issue of finding fights, women's MMA popularity and why Invicta will succeed where others have failed.