Pumping fluids is an important process that almost all industries need in their manufacturing operations. No matter what product a factory produces, there will be many gases and other fluids that need to be moved around throughout. Some fluids might be there as a waste by-product while others might be directly needed to manufacture the product in question. Since most of these fluids are hazardous substances, it’s very important that they get pumped around safely.

One of the most dangerous things that can occur in a factory is a spillage of fluids and this where the manufacturer’s choice in pumping equipment becomes very important. If there’s a leakage of these chemicals, the workers of the factory as exposed to fumes that can be very injurious to their health. Furthermore, the spillage of toxic chemicals can also be very dangerous to the environment, which is why factories and industrial areas are legally required to make sure that no such spillage occurs.

In most cases where there is a spill or leak, it’s at the shaft of the pumping equipment used. These shafts have to be sealed and cased to prevent this from happening but due to the immense pressures inside of these pipes and pumps, there’s always the risk of a spill happening. The reason why most factories in the United States are using centrifugal magnetic drive pumps over shaft driven pumps is simply that these kinds of pumps don’t leave any weaknesses in the pumping lines.

These pumps are driven by the force of magnets and since these magnets are externally placed, there are no cased and sealed areas that could potentially leak out dangerous substances. Conventional pumps are fine when pumping out biodegradable waste material but for dangerous substances, they aren’t suitable anymore.