Alright, so the bad news is that spinal dysfunction and muscle tension are both really prevalent in Canada. In fact, millions of people all over Canada suffer from these problems. However, there’s good news as well. Fortunately, there are treatments out there for these disorders; a deep tissue massage therapy can undo the negative energy in soft tissues very deep into your body. And if you end up with a condition that’s more serious than just fatigued muscles, you can also have your misaligned joints corrected through chiropractic adjustment.

As if the lives of people suffering from these disorders weren’t bad enough already if you have one of these problems. You’re very likely to suffer from the other as well. Sometimes, you might need the treatment of both these condition at the same time as well. That said, it makes perfect sense that there are people out there who might be seeking chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy during the same session.

The really good news is that you can indeed seek both treatments together and it’s been proven that massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment both go hand in hand and are more effective together than they are by themselves. This sounds great but remembers that treatment varies from patient to patient so it’s a better idea to go see a physical therapist and ask them about the best tens unit for releasing muscle tension.

If you do benefit from both treatments, they can definitely arrange that for you or at least refer you to another physical therapy clinic that offers both treatments in combination. It’s important to speak to a very skilled physical therapist or chiropractor about your condition before you seek out the treatment.