Meat happens to be one of the easiest yet trickiest protein to deal with. A lot of amateur cooks, and sometimes even people who know their way around a kitchen have trouble dealing with meats. There are a lot of different cuts when it comes to meat, and each cut has its own different texture, cooking time and needs. So, it can be difficult to remember everything at the same time. However, you should not be too terrified of handling meat, because everyone has to start from somewhere after all.

The first thing you can do when dealing with meats, is learn about them. So, start out by learning about the different cuts of meat and what method is best to cook each cut. You can then start out with the most basic tasks like learning how to break down the meat. While you can buy already broken down pieces at stores, but if you plan on really getting to know your protein, breaking it down yourself is far more rewarding. If you want to get the right tools to break down the meat, you should check out the best knife to cut meat professionally – reviewed by Brian M Casey for a more comprehensive review.

Once you have all of that settled and out of the way, you should start out by learning the absolute basic meat dishes. Stews are a great way to start since they do not require as much effort, and the long cooking time also helps you get to know the entire cooking process the beef goes through. Searing your meats and learning how to deal with steaks is a more difficult task, and it will take you a lot of time till you finally learn how to get the perfect cook on a steak, but once you do, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself.