What is digital printing and how is it better or worse than offset printing isn’t something you’d catch yourself thinking about a lot. Well, not unless you’re a designer, that is. To designers, the type of printing done really matters. Neither one of the methods is a one size fits all method and therefore, every designer should know the differences between offset an digital printing as well as the strong suits and weaknesses of either methods so that they don’t compromise their work during the printing stage.

One of the reasons why a lot of new designers don’t know these differences or are even aware of the fact that this is a thing that they need to know is because it’s just poorly explained. Yep, it’s actually that simple. If designers had a good source telling them exactly why they need to be alternating between printing methods then more of them would be going around discussing the differences. Unfortunately though, that’s not the case yet and we’re trying to improve that at lemongraphic.sg.

Designers walk in with their projects and walk out with prints all the time at all print shops but lemongraphic.sg wants their clients to know what affects their work if they aren.t noticing it. Digital printing is generally a lot faster than offset printing so any client in a hurry should opt for it straight away. However, if they’re printing critical work then it’s just better if they go with offset for the better pan tone and greater colour matching options. The sizes of a digital prints are also a bit limited but if the client chooses offset printing, they can go for bigger prints and if greater quantity – just things every designer needs to know of.