Property Lawyers Just a Call Away

You can look in our history, you can look all around you – in either case, you’ll see that human beings have always been very competitive with each other over things. Our inherent competitive nature has resulted in some good natured sports that we all enjoy but there’s also a dark side of our competitive nature – we don’t like sharing. So, why are you reading about the competitiveness of human nature on a page that’s supposed to be about property lawyers? Well, let’s just say that without people competing over inherited property, all property lawyers at Brookwater Legal Ipswich would run out of business.

Property is a very valuable asset, not because it may be used for commercial activity or for residence by the owner, but because it’s something that is only going to appreciate in value. Let’s say that a certain family owns a number of farm lands; now when the parent of said family decease, the property is to be inherited by the heirs. In some cases, there will be a will left behind by the deceased as to who should inherit the property. This should be pretty simple but like we said earlier, human beings don’t like sharing.

In many cases, the contents of the will aren’t good news to some heirs so they either try to get rid of it or fake it, leading to obvious disputes over the same property. This is where property lawyers from Brookwater Legal Ipswich take over the case and settle it so that each heir gets what they are due. In many cases, property lawyers are hired by the property owner before they die so that they can leave a legally documented will that cannot be tampered with.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bed

Moving into a new place which has an entirely different structure from your previous home can be a tedious task, mainly because there is a lot old furniture that would not even fit through the settings of your new home. In that case you have to sell off all the old furniture and then invest in new ones. Now it is completely understandable if the people have a hard time in deciding which bed or mattress to get because nobody buys beds on a daily basis. It is usually a decision that people tend to take every once in a while and never on frequent basis. So if you have found yourself in a similar situation we would like to recommend that you go on the internet and do your research with it. This will give you enough insight to make the best possible decision regarding your new bed purchase. If you want a very modern looking bed then going to the TV Bed Store is your best bet. With that said, following are certain factors that you should take into consideration before purchasing a bed for yourself, check them out below.

Measurement of Space

The very first factor you should consider while you are looking through different catalogues of beds is to keep in mind the measurement or the space you have designated for it. This will help ensure that your bed is neither too big nor too small and is comfy enough. For this to happen you need to get all your measurements right. Especially if you are big on the decoration part and love decorating your room.

Style of Bed

You also need to consider the style of bed you want because there are so many options. Ideally it should match the style or general aesthetic of your home.

New weight classes the answer to UFC’s talent overage?

The UFC has a problem on its hands. It’s at least 100 fighters over its limit to function efficiently. Right now, if you are a fighter and you lose, you are in real danger of losing your contract with the UFC. It’s especially true if you are a lightweight or a welterweight as the number of fighters in those categories is almost astronomical.

There are rumors that the UFC is looking at investing in a 115 pound weight class. Why bother scouting new talent and then investing in marketing these new fighters to fans when you already have enough fighters under contract that people know? What is the solution?

2 new weight classes.

I realize that getting one weight class up and running is typically a handful and takes time, but with the options I will spell out, it’ll be off and running before you know it.So what are the weight classes I’m thinking of?

165 lbs and 195 lbs (aka Franklinweight).

Before you start ripping the 165 class apart because it’s too close to welterweight, realize that welterweight is the only weight class that doesn’t end in ‘5’. The weight classes that the UFC has implemented recently have all been 10 lbs apart from each other which gives some semblance of normalcy to them. There are 3 large gaps in the weight classes right now.

155-170 (15lbs)
170-185 (15 lbs)
185-205 (20 lbs)

This doesn’t even begin to speak of heavyweight which is a whole other issue.

My proposal would make it very simple:

125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, HWT.

Why would the UFC want to do this? They have the talent right now to fill these 2 weight classes up immediately and without scouting. Currently the UFC has over 70 fighters under contract in both the lightweight and welterweight classes when most weight classes average about 40 (minus Flyweight). For the new 165 pound class, you could have fighters drop down from the new welterweight class (175) and some coming up from the 155 pound class. This new class would fill up faster than any other weight class as there is currently over 140 fighters between 155 and 170 pounds. Assuming only 1/3 of them transition would make it larger than the current flyweight weight class in less than half of the time.

195 pounds would help those who have had a fight with Anderson and lost get a second chance at a championship. Also some smaller 205 pound fighters could transition down as well. Combined there are almost 100 fighters in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions so again we would have a very quick ramp up into the weight class.

While it may be true that the organization can’t function properly with the amount of fighters it currently has under contract, adding 2 classes and tweaking welterweight weight limit would give some room to breathe as well as an opportunity to have more champions for when the occasional champion is injured.

Will the UFC do this? Probably not, but aren’t the possibilities fun to think about? Who would be the 195 pound champ and who would be the 165 pound champ?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Brandon Vera and Tim Boetsch

The guys talk about the rash of injuries that have hit the UFC as of late and how it impacts the sport as a whole. Also the guys look at the cards that have changed and which fights have been impacted and if it makes some of the events better or worse.

Tim Boetsch is comnig off the biggest win of his career over Okami. Tim will talk about his mindset during the fight, what he had to do to make the comeback and how it makes him feel to hear Dana White tell other fighters about Boetsch’s comeback. Also he’ll talk about Bisping and if he’ll continue to seek that fight after Lombard, how Hector sizes up against him and the thoughts of Lombard being offered a title shot if he can beat Tim.

“I think of Dana said Hector’s getting a title shot if he beats me, I think he should grant me the same thing. I want a title shot when I knock out Hector”

Brandon Vera is one of the sport’s most talented fighters who never found his full potential. Brandon stays honest when he tells us about not being where he should be now, why his training is different and what about this fight with Shogun is so important. Fighting a legend or fighting on national TV.

“Everyone keeps saying it’s such a huge deal, it’s the main event on Fox. I don’t care, the biggest thing is I’m fighting Shogun…Dude, I’m fighting Shogun, everything else is second. I’m fighting Shogun!”

“I eat, sleep, wake up thinking about Shogun.”

Brandon also tells us about how his training camp changed and his thoughts on where he wants to be by the end of 2012.

Benson Henderson and Gerald Harris

The guys completely wrap up UFC 146 and explain what parts of the PPV delivered and which didn’t. Also the guys cover Mayhem being let go, Jamie Varner and Dan Hardy’s awesome wins and if Brock Lesner should return to the UFC.

Gerald Harris has been keeping busy outside of the UFC and recently dropped to 170 lbs. He’ll talk about his drop in weight, fighting hurt, his comedy career and his hopes for a title shot with Legacy Fighting. He’ll also talk about UFC 146 and his favorite fight from that card.

Benson Henderson is ready to defend his UFC title for the first time against Frankie Edgar. Before that happens, Benson joins us and talks about what it’s been like for him since winning the title, what he thinks about Gilbert Melendez, what it’s like being a role model in light of the Jon Jones situation, his fighting style, winning the title in front of his mom and why he competes in grappling tournaments after his fights. He also tells us the one fighter that he will make sure he fights before he retire.