You can look in our history, you can look all around you – in either case, you’ll see that human beings have always been very competitive with each other over things. Our inherent competitive nature has resulted in some good natured sports that we all enjoy but there’s also a dark side of our competitive nature – we don’t like sharing. So, why are you reading about the competitiveness of human nature on a page that’s supposed to be about property lawyers? Well, let’s just say that without people competing over inherited property, all property lawyers at Brookwater Legal Ipswich would run out of business.

Property is a very valuable asset, not because it may be used for commercial activity or for residence by the owner, but because it’s something that is only going to appreciate in value. Let’s say that a certain family owns a number of farm lands; now when the parent of said family decease, the property is to be inherited by the heirs. In some cases, there will be a will left behind by the deceased as to who should inherit the property. This should be pretty simple but like we said earlier, human beings don’t like sharing.

In many cases, the contents of the will aren’t good news to some heirs so they either try to get rid of it or fake it, leading to obvious disputes over the same property. This is where property lawyers from Brookwater Legal Ipswich take over the case and settle it so that each heir gets what they are due. In many cases, property lawyers are hired by the property owner before they die so that they can leave a legally documented will that cannot be tampered with.