Whenever we talk about PTFE or Teflon coating, most of us are thinking of them being used as non-stick pans, or in the automotive industry, however, what a lot of us do not know that PTFE or Teflon also happens to play a pretty vital role in medical grade coating. In fact, a lot of medical tools and equipment that are used today happen to have PTFE coatings on them.

This is because of the unique properties of PTFE that allows it to be able to be used so well during medical procedures. PTFE products, as we all know, do not stick to anything, and because everything easily slides off of them, it is really easy to be able to clean equipment, which is really important when you are dealing with non-disposable medical equipment. PTFE coated products are also really great in the medical field because PTFE can also be treated in a manner that makes them anti-microbial, and that is a really important property if we are looking at it in the field of medicine where the last thing you want is for your tools or equipment to have harmful microbes on them that can potentially end up harming the patient.

Due to its inert surface, a PTFE medical coating is great when you are inserting certain equipment in the body because you know that the coating will not react to anything it touches, which is really important. Plus, PTFE does not really get “wet,” when it comes into contact with liquids, which is really useful when performing complex or invasive surgeries. So, PTFE coated tools and equipment now play a really vital role in the medical sector, and their contribution and help cannot be overlooked or understated enough, and so their demand continues to grow.