Stones can be very intriguing if you think about it. Even the pebbles you find in people’s gardens are ancient and were once part of the earth’s crust before they broke of and got shaped into round pebbles by water over a course of a few thousand years. If you look closely, you’ll see that they have layer like patterns in them as well. Of course, asides from this little story of how they were formed, most pebbles are otherwise very mundane but this is where gemstones come into the picture.

Somewhere in the earth’s crust where molten rock used to flow are deposits of minerals and crystals that can be cut up to shine unlike any other rock on the planet. These deposits are formed when magma cools down and only this natural process can form them, making them pretty valuable. Of course, once we cut these rocks up and polish them they gain even more value. It’s only natural for human beings to want to covet such precious stones.

Asides from their ornamental beauty, gem stones never lose their value, which gives us another reason to buy them. Let’s say that you have a huge amount of money that you aren’t going to be using for a while; the value of this money can go up over time but it can also go down, causing you a loss in value even though the amount remains the same. However, if you had bought gold and gemstones with that money, it could retain its value for ages.

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