Boxing is an incredibly complex sport that has a lot more to it than simply throwing punches at one another until one person passes out. You will find many boxing fans and experts referring to this sport as “the Sweet Science” due to the fact that there are loads of technical details that a player must familiarize themselves with in order to master this sport.

For a boxer to become good, they must train their bodies to a point where their body can respond solely on muscle memory, a boxer spends hour after hour training in the gym just so that they can ingrain techniques not only into their minds, but also into their bodies. This allows boxers to attack without having to take the time to think while out in the ring, letting them respond faster than their opponents and dominating the ring.

Raw strength and brute force will get a boxer nowhere, only the most composed individuals who are capable of focusing on the finer details of every action are capable of coming out on top in the ring. One finer detail of boxing is breathing technique, something that may seem insignificant and is often overlooked, however, having a proper breathing technique has a direct impact on a boxer’s performance. Let’s take a look at why breathing technique is such an important factor in boxing and why should every player focus on it.

Keeps Your Body Fuelled

Boxing is a physically demanding sport with matches that can be quite drawn out, many boxers have a hard time managing their energy during longer matches, meaning that they give it their all in the start and towards the later part of a match their performance drops significantly as they start running out of fuel.

However, a boxer who has a well-defined breathing technique is able to optimize their energy expenditure while in the ring, this allows them to maintain their overall performance in the later part of a match. Usually in longer matches, the fighter who has more control over their energy expenditure is the one who comes out on top.

You Maintain Your Form

Your posture, form, and your movements have a huge impact on your performance in the ring, and if someone does not have a good enough breathing technique, their body will begin lacking oxygen, making it harder for them to keep their form. Once you start having a hard time with your form due to exhaustion, your body begins feeling heavy, and as a result, your movements in the ring become sluggish.

This feeling of sluggishness is referred to as “sea legs” in boxing and it can considerably compromise one’s performance, remember, if you are not able to float like a butterfly then you will not be able to sting like a bee either.

Maximizes Your Power

Also, proper breathing keeps your muscles fed with oxygen, allowing you to utilize their complete power, every punch that you throw gets packed with energy, making each and every hit that you land incredibly effective.